Free Metro PCS Ringtones

Metro PCS was a service provider that was known as a flat rate carrier for subscribers roaming in a limited area. Now it has introduced Travel Talk, an add-on to its plans that allows subscribers to roam in any US metro area. If the subscriber travels to another Metro PCS city, there is no additional charge for the calls; otherwise, calls cost between 49 and 79 cents per minute. MetroPCS has a limited service and since this reflects on their other services provided to their customers.

In the ringtone department, Metro PCS does provide some exciting prospects and options. Their recently introduced sprint PCS Ringtones, PNG images, .MID /. QCP /. MMF. PMD ringtones are proving to be very popular among subscribers. They have a great treasure trove of ringtones to choose from. Right from the 80's, alternative, classic rock, Christian, country, Latin pop, national anthems, pop, patriotic, jazz, hip hop, reggae, punk, rock, metal, RNB, salsa, sports, and world music. The subscribers to the Metro PCS mobile service can just log on their official Web site, sign up and get regular updates on the new ringtones available.

Frequently, the ringtone code numbers are sent to the subscribers via text messages. Here is a case of a service provider trying to break the area barrier with the use of ringtones. The only problem with the Metro PCS service is that the use may have to ensure whether the ringtone is compatible with the Metro PCs handset or not. As the awareness levels are not that great, the Metro PCS subscribers will have to shoulder the burden of ensuring the compatibility of the ringtones. But if the ringtones are for free, most people do not mind doing a little bit of extra work.


Tips to Use iPhone 6

Ever since the dawn of apple devices, iPhones have been a popular and preferred choice among the people. While iPhone 6 is the epitome of smartphone technology by the Apple chaps, using it will certainly require a lot of guidance. This is simply because you have not use something so fabulous before. The iPhone 6 is equipped with an Apple iOS. For those who are first time users, making the shift from the regular smartphone to the Apple iPhone can be tough. Therefore, we are here to help you simplify such problems. Presented below are some really simple and cost effective trips that can make a big difference when it comes to using iPhone 6.

While a lot of the new users will agree that the tips are a great help, we think even the old users will enjoy reading them. After all, there is no harm in brushing up a bit, every once in a while.

Let's get started:

Two step verification: Each time you are going to use the iStore or Apple specific platforms, the phone will ask you for your Apple id. Therefore, it is highly recommended that Apple users should start with registering their id. This opens a lot of other options to do and also guarantees that later on, you do not waste time trying to complete a transaction using your Apple id.

Killing apps: If you are not using the app on your iPhone, ensure that you are shutting it down. Keeping it on unnecessarily can consume data and the overall battery life. Ideally, the iPhone 6 allows you to close three apps at a time. Just remember to use your fingers in a coordinated fashion.

Do not disturb: For those being disturbed by the constant beeping on the mobile, we would recommend you to opt for the Do not disturb option available in your settings menu. One click, and you will get the solution to the multiple notifications.

Use the control center: Those who are keen to access multiple services at one time, the control center is a great idea. To put it simply, this is the one stop shop that keeps you connected to the various apps in your iPhone 6.

Shake to undo: If you are preparing a word doc on your iPhone 6 and are not happy with what is written, simply shake it to undo. This does not take time and is absolutely easy to do.


Nokia Lumia 800 – An Excellent Windows Phone

Smartphone is the new rage in the mobile world. A portable device that can be used not only to make calls but as good as your own laptop to perform urgent office or business works, these phones can perform wonder. However, mobile market being swarmed with one after another top smartphones it is really hard for the consumers to zero in on the best one that will meet all their necessities. To consumers baffled with the options to choose from Nokia Lumia 800 is the best answer as it will not only meet their specifications but will exceed expectations as well.

In fact, to capture the essence of Nokia Lumia 800 it is better to have a look at the high edge specifications that this exceptional Nokia creation comes packed with.

Operating system

Nokia Lumia 800 can be rightly termed as the revival of Windows phones once again with a number of strong features to speak for it. This version comes with an engaging user interface with quite responsive touch specification. Interface is absolutely appealing and the plus point is its simplicity. The Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS that this Nokia creation sports has the interesting metro user interface with the live tiles format as opposed to the icons in other smartphones.

Hardware and styling of the model

Although Nokia Lumia 800 looks almost like N9, the difference lies in the all together different soul that this version is able to offer easily. The phone comes with the regular things – handset, charger, USB cable, an earphone, and manuals. However, this Lumia version is looks very sleek and stylish and has a wide range of user friendly features that will easily woo the consumers.


Nokia Lumia 800 sports a display that in itself is a high end feature of this phone. The curved 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display is ClearBlack. It has 800×480 pixels resolution for a crisp clear image and gives amazing performance even in outdoor as the reflection is not reduced. The phone is made sturdy enough with the Gorilla glass front. Due to this protection no matter whether you scratch, drops or bump the mobile it is always protected.


Nokia Lumia 800 comes with 8 megapixel camera which has f / 2.2 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, autofocus, dual-LED flash and also 3x digital zoom. No doubt, this creation is capable of producing amazing quality images with sharp clear results. However, in low-light the camera performance is not at all up to the mark. In video mode, Nokia Lumia 800 performances quite well and produces 720 HD video at 30 frames per second.

Other Features

Nokia Lumia 800 is powered by a 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which is a sure improvement and difference from Nokia N9. It has 512 MB RAM also for fast browsing results. This Nokia model also offers both 2G and 3G, Wi-Fi and EDGE networking features for connecting fast. Staying connected with all the social networking sites through Nokia Lumia 800 can be done in a jiffy which many of the consumers will look for as well. With a host of all these and more high end features, this Nokia creation is sure to stay in the market for long.


How to Address Cell Phone Water Damage

There is nothing more frustrating that dropping your prized cell phone in a liquid, be it the kitchen sink, bath tub, coffee, tea, beer, or a swimming pool. When this happens the immediate feeling is one of despair and annoyance. But do not give up hope, all is not lost. It is possible to fix cell phone water damage and once again get it working as good as it was before the accident occurred.

If you have dropped your phone in any liquid the most important consideration will be how long it has been immersed for and how quickly you can find a solution. If your phone has been in a bath tub of water overnight the chance of it working will be slim as the circuit board is likely to have been irreparably damaged, but if it has only been in the water for a short time there is every possible you can fix the device and save yourself having to spend out on a new handset.

As soon as you realize the problem you should remove the battery. If the battery is still connected the chance of serious damage occurring will be greater as even a small voltage can be connected through water leading to a big problem. Do not worry if the battery itself will not work, this would not be so expensive to replace.

Next you should take apart the phone into as many individual sections as you can safely do. If possible remove the touchpad and screen as these may hold some amount of liquid. If it is a sunny day place all the parts in direct sunlight, this would help any moisture that is present to evaporate. If the accident has occurred at night or on a rainy day your best option would be to try to dry out the circuit board and other parts with a hair dryer or by placing next to your home's central heating boiler.

An interesting alternative and one that has helped many people recover damaged cell phones is to disassemble the handset and then place the pieces in a bowl of uncooked rice. As rice absorbs moisture quickly it will help to suck out any drops of liquid that may be there.

Do not place a cell phone in a microwave oven or other cooking equipment as you may end up causing a greater amount of harm. As long as you take quick action tp address cell phone water damage you should find that you can still make full use of your precious gadget.


Will Cell Towers Become Obsolete?

What does the future of cell towers hold for landlords and land owners?

That’s the burning question for about 250,000 cell site lease holders who are trying to figure out if they can count on getting that monthly rental check from Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket or Metro PCS here in the United States. Every year some wing-nut telecom nerd writing for one of the savvy technology blogs or websites writes a feel-good article on how the ugly cellular towers polluting the sky will soon become obsolete and replaced by some pocket-sized cube that does not cause global warming or kill the Hudson River Red Tailed Pigeon, or by a network of tiny satellites, or by hot air balloons, by some advance in nanotechnology or possibly by bridge trolls.

Sure, the carriers have built out DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) in places where usually no other coverage solutions existed. But these DAS systems are extremely expensive and will never replace cell phone towers in our lifetime.

Will cell towers become obsolete?

Cell towers will become obsolete only when Chevy Suburban’s and Ford F-150’s can drive down the Interstate at 70 MPH fully powered by solar panels made in the USA. The demand for bandwidth is growing faster than the carriers can sell smart phones. Even if they came up with some amazing technology that could replace cell towers, it would easily take 10 years or more to implement. Think about it, how many of you reading this currently have mediocre to poor wireless coverage now as compared to 5 years ago before every 12 year-old started getting data text messages on their cell phones? Do you regularly drop calls? How many times did you call the customer service line to complain? Wonder why they couldn’t fix it? They need more cell towers, not fewer cell sites, and telecom scientists have not yet invented the all-purpose cell tower bandwidth nano-widget to replace that big hunk of steel in the air protruding skyward in your neighborhood.

How many places have little or no coverage now? I feel bad for the 55 million rural folks once again left without coverage. It’s time spread the capacity, so everyone has coverage, and take all the cell sites from Wall Street, decommission them and relocate them to rural Vermont. LOL.

Will some new technology replace cell sites?

Rumor has it that the current administration is looking at converting all of the Chevy Volt’s ever produced into roaming telecommunication base stations in the San Francisco Bay Area to replace all existing cell sites. We will keep you posted on the progress of this green initiative.

What’s going to happen to my cellular site lease revenue?

Inevitably some wireless landlords will agree to have carriers reduce their cell tower rents and have their cell site leases optimized to appease the cost cutting carriers so they can continue providing so-so coverage to their beloved subscribers. At the conclusion of every five-year term, landlords who agree to a rent reduction can expect to have the carriers re-optimize their previously optimized cell tower leases until eventually either cell towers will become obsolete or the carriers will be renting space on their fully optimized leased property for free.

We have answered many critical questions here, and after reading our in-depth analysis into the inner eye of the cell tower infrastructure and leasing industry, you are likely scratching your head, and wondering how it is possible that there is only one truly independent carrier neutral cell tower consulting firm in the United States which is loved by landlords and despised by the establishment.

How are you going to affect lasting bandwidth change? Occupy your cell phone tower.


Brain Evolution and Charles Darwin's Theory

According to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, some species manage to survive and prevail in their environment, while other species tend to disappear because they are not strong enough. The selective process decides which species lives and which will become extinct, depending on their resistance.

This concept is accepted by many people until today and they refuse to understand that Darwin was wrong.

He was right when he discovered that the human being is an animal, but the evolution of the species does not occur based on the resistance of each species, as many biologists after Darwin provided to the world with their research.

They concluded that if the organism did not have the basis to evolve until certain point, it would never go further. There is a program that allows each organism to know how to have in its environment and how to solve its survival problems, including how to find food and be protected from enemies. There is also an evolutionary program in each organism's cognitive mechanism.

A monkey will never be as intelligent as a human being, no matter how many years it may live, because it does not have a proper brain. It was not programmed to be as intelligent as man. So, there is no natural selection: there are only many programs for each species. These programs define the animals' behavior, the route of their lives and evolution. The same happens in case of human beings.

Darwin's conclusions by observing the selective process were based on the knowledge of his time. He could not assume that there are several programs behind the selective process that prepares each species to resist natural selection, which means that this selection does not happen by chance.

When we try to understand the formation of the human brain and the appearance of the consciousness, we realize that this is a formation that has taken an incredibly long time. It can not be something that could have evolved in our planet, because our planet is too young and the components of the human brain and their functionalisms are too complex.

The formation of the first brain and conscience occurred by chance at a time so distant that we can not calculate it. It did not take place on our own planet, in the same way that the formula for the formation of the first live cell did not appear by chance in our planet because the planet's age (about 4.6 billion years old) is not sufficient to allow all the necessary combinations required by probability for the formation of the first live cell, since the permutations and combinations for this event would have been too many and they would have taken more time than the planet's age itself.

Therefore, we can conclude that the human being did not appear on Earth by chance. The human brain and the formula for the appearance of the animal life are ancient and could not have been developed in our young planet, but all the animals, including man, have behavioral programs in the mechanism through which they acquire knowledge. These programs permit their perfect functionalism and survival in a hostile environment. Programs that might have been prepared by a superior brain for sure, since they could not have appeared by chance.

Thus, the human being inherits an ancient brain that can think and feel and is aware of its existence, but one has to pass through the same evolutionary process through which all animals pass in this planet, because probably, one has to be tamed like them …


Nokia 6500 – Classic and Slide – Bring Those Moments Alive

NOKIA is a renowned company in the domain of mobile phones. Recently, Nokia started several high end mobile phones. These latest offerings provide many options to the consumers. The company launched various mobile phones loaded with multimedia that possess attractive features. These kind of mobiles have successfully created good image in the market. The Mobile Phones offered by the company are revolutionizing the trend in mobile phones with ample features and outstanding services. The attributes and quality are surely available with their handsets. Nokia always offers something innovative and exciting.

Nokia Mobile Phones might face competition in the market from various brands, but the company coherently holds its fort with its high quality performance with the help of its innumerable features and compatibility. The company offers two models of Nokia 6500, that are available in the market–Nokia 6500 Slide and Nokia 6500 Classic. Both the phones are completely attractive and alluring in looks.

Let us canvas the incredibly stylish Nokia 6500 slide. This phone comes in a delicate black exterior casing which makes this mobile phone stylish and attractive. The new generation captivating mobile phone has its own unique style. This slider phone makes it different and simple to use phone. According to today’s life style this phone is loaded with all the latest technique gadgets.

The handsets come with a 3.2 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics supported with a high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, autofocus, flash and a secondary camera for video-calling. This handsets come with an in built FM radio with incredible sound quality and impeccable battery life that supports up to 6 hours of talk time. The alluring phones are offered with expandable memory up to 8 Giga byte. The Nokia 6500 slide has a 2 inches TFT screen supporting 16 million colours and display resolution of 240 x 340 pixels. The Nokia 6500 Slide weighs in 125 grams and is merely over 16 mm thick. If you feel the need to link to other devices such as your PC, never fear as USB 2.0 and Bluetooth are supported by the phone.

Moving on to the Nokia 6500 classic, it is encompassed with a 2 mega pixel camera and amazing music player provides users with the quality imaging and music experiences. The camera can steal the show by proffering aesthetically pleasant images and portraying videos on the screen. In fact, the Nokia 6500 Classic Phone is supported by Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, Quad Band technology, HSCSD, WAP and XHTML to render wireless communication in the form of multimedia and mobile computing. The Nokia 6500 Classic comes with 1Giga byte of internal user memory and the user can enjoy up to 5 hours and 30 minutes talk time due to its impeccable battery life. This enchanting phone is empowered by class 32 GPRS and EDGE, v2.0 with A2DP Bluetooth and USB. The handsets receive praises from the users because of their compact casing, 3G technology and a 2 inches TFT screen and weigh only 95 grams. In conclusion, the Nokia N6500 Classic is regarded as an elegant device designed with all the latest technology one could ask for.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Photography

1. Lesser cost

One of the advantages that digital cameras provide is the fact that it is very practical and convenient. There is less cost in the long run as one need not buy film anymore and will need not develop the pictures the old fashion way. They would only need to charge the batteries, get a reasonably large memory stick and they are good to go.

2. Better storage

Photographers can now store the pictures that they have taken in their computers and in their cds, allowing them to use the memory stick over and over again. There is no more need to store rolls of film and worry that they might disintegrate.

3. Printing convenience

Another convenience that digital cameras provide is the fact that it can be printed at home the same way one would print any kind of file.

4. Trial and Error

Another convenience that digital cameras provide is the fact that one can actually view the photos right after taking it and have the option of erasing it when it is not good. This, according to experts, spoils photographers. Because they can do a take over and over again, they do not learn the discipline of planning for their shot before actually pressing the button.

Still, for the amateur photographer, this is like manna in heaven as this enables them to easily take good photographs and see their mistakes.


1. Need for Computer literacy

Similar to film photography where you need to be also familiar with working in the dark room, one needs to have a modicum of computer skills. Not only will you be shooting your photographs in the computer, operating the camera is like operating a small computer. You really have to be computer literate in order to maximize the functions of your camera.

2. Artistry is lost

There are some that argument that artistry and spontaneity is lost when using a digital camera because photographers do not shoot using various effects. For instance, some would not bother to blur the background because because they can fix the photo in Photoshop and other graphic programs. One can do a number of things with the computer, erase flaws, fix red eyes and sharpen some features.


Using A Reverse Cell Phone Directory

If you have in your possession a phone number but you don’t know who it belongs to you can use a reverse cell phone directory to track down information on the owner. Let’s go over what you need to know before you start tracing phone numbers yourself.

If you’ve never heard of a reverse phone directory you can picture it as an online version of the white pages, only a lot more powerful and user friendly. Instead of flipping through hundreds of pages trying to find the entry you need, all you have to do is enter the information in a search field and click on the “submit” button. And you don’t even need to know the person’s name or in which city or county they live. The directories can search nationwide using nothing but a phone number, and they’ll deliver your results in just seconds.

Now if you’ve spent any time at all looking for a reverse telephone directory you’ve noticed there are two different types: free directories and paid directories. The free directories work pretty well if you need to trace a standard residential number, but if the number is unlisted your search will turn up empty. Likewise, free directories are useless when searching for mobile most business numbers. Needless to say, it can be very frustrating trying to trace a cell phone number.

The good news is that there are some sites that are able to access owner records for cell phones. When you join a paid reverse cell phone directory you’ll be able to search for almost any cell phone number in the US. Of course, you’ll also have access to home numbers, unlisted numbers, and business numbers too. And the best thing is that the fee is just a one-off payment, after which you can search as many numbers as you want.


HTC Diamond 2 Also Known As the HTC Touch Diamond 2

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 imbued with a mind boggling array of awesome attributes is the latest entrant into the world of touch screen smart phones. Its multimedia properties are its hallmark.

An incredible touch screen
The HTC Touch Diamond 2 has a touch screen that fluxes the qualities of widesence and high screen resolution. The Windows Mobile 6.1 software works with a Touch FLO 3D interface for smooth navigation and increased efficiency of menus and mobile applications.

Interesting multimedia features
HTC Touch Diamond 2 is not just a mobile communication device. It is also a complete entertainment center with its outstanding multimedia powers. It has a 5 Mega pixel camera that helps you take dramatic photographs. The camera also has video capabilities. This is the apt choice for movie buffs, who can catch up on their favorite movies on this phone. The wide touch screen gives a superb boost to the phone's multimedia mettle.

The MP3 player of the HTC Diamond 2 functions in a manner very similar to the Windows Media Player on a Windows PC. The player's interface is remarkably user friendly. The audio quality is augmented by a wide spectrum of equalizer options. Enjoy listening to great music on your HTC Touch Diamond 2. The phone does not sport the usual 3.5mm output jack; instead headphones are supplied with the phone to serve as audio output devices.

Games are another exciting multimedia facet of the HTC Diamond 2. You can download games from the internet onto the phone. Motion based games can also be played on the phone.

Awesome mobile internet capabilities
The Touch Diamond 2 guarantees an immaculate internet experience as it uses the internet explorer as its web browser. The phone has a sophisticated technology called push internet which does away with lags in internet downloading. Pre selection of favorite websites is also possible. The HTC Touch Diamond 2 boasts of HSDPA that reaches speeds as high as 7.2 Mbps.

Wi-Fi connectivity lets you use wireless networks at work or home for establishing web access to save on heavy data charges. The Diamond 2 has GPS and excellent navigation software like accurate mapping and route plan applications to enable satellite navigation. You can even install third party sat nav software on the phone to transform it into a sat nav device because it is a Windows mobile.

Other special characteristics
Enabled with a zoom feature, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 increases your viewing pleasure while using the phone. Communication is rendered Simpler with the Single Contact View that displays conversations in voice, email or text with each contact on one screen. The phone has Bluetooth connectivity too. This has a 1100 Mah battery with a 3 weeks stand by time and 5 hours talk time on 3G.It has windows mobile software too.

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is a pocket friendly mobile phone that also conflates as an entertainment source with its first rate admirable set of multimedia aspects.