Toyota Prius Battery, Replacement Options

What are your options when your Toyota prius battery dies? This is not a fun thing to have to go through considering that most people don’t know that this problem CAN cost it’s owner more then an engine replacement.

Weather you have a Generation I, or a Generation II Toyota Prius, you could be looking at some expensive solutions to this Prius problem!

First of all, what is the problem?

The problem with your Toyota Prius battery is that it is losing its charge. Meaning where as it usually re-charges it self at each stop and go, it is no longer able to hold that charge and your battery is dying.

You will know when it is dead because it will stop running, and you will not be able to start it again. This means that there is not even enough charge left in your battery to run the car.

How will you know when you need a new battery, or your Toyota Prius battery is starting to die?

You can easily tell if this is happening if you are starting to notice that you are not getting as many MPG. (Miles Per Gallon

Your Prius will not even start anymore, or you feel it start to pick up speed slower after every stop. Also, once your battery is already dead, a gray screen comes up on your center council with three little pictures that shows you that the battery is dead.

What is the best solution to this problem?

I have personally been in this situation now a few different times because I buy and sell cars, and have come across a few of these Prius’ with bad batteries.

If you ask me what I believe to be the best solution, I would have to say that I have had the most luck simply rebuilding my Toyota Prius battery pack myself.

What I do is take newer cells, and convert them over to my Generation I battery backs.  I have done this a few times now using a guide for rebuilding a Toyota Prius Battery.

This is the best solution because it lasts a long time, and only costs around $500.

To learn more you can do so here:


Battery Testers – Use a UPS Battery Backup Test to give your customers peace of mind

If you sell batteries, you probably already know that your customers need to know when they buy a Apple powerbook g4 12 inch battery that is loaded, fully functional and ready to go. After all, the main purpose of having the first.

Obviously, if the person is ordering from you over the Internet or telephone, you can not test it right in front of them, but it is still good customer service test Apple macbook pro 17 inch battery before handing it off to a client.

Test before the protection of sale is also good for you. If a customer decides he or she wants money back and says the product is defective, you’ve already tested and the client knows that Dell latitude d830 battery did not work when you’ve sold. If you have proof it was not defective when sold, you can protect yourself against chargebacks of credit card or having to give a refund. When you sell a product like a Battery Apple a1189 which is only worth something if it works.

Sometimes laptop battery is faulty, old, or will simply not. This is just part of doing business, but if you use a tester and try to test each one before you drop it on the sales floor, you can catch those who do not work and prevent them from entering the hands of your customer. It is best to remove the HP pavilion dv4000 battery rays, then leave it on the shelf and have to deal with an angry customer. Is likely that the customer can not test the Battery before installation. They will just install it and you will not find that Battery was defective until the customer calls you angrily to tell you that Battery backup failed. The seller does have the Dell Inspiron 1420 battery that happens. So it is best to test with a tester tested and recommended Battery to ensure that this does not happen.



Price: $4.45

20 fresh genuine Loopacell lr44 alkaline 1.5v batteries new packaging that guarantees authenticity, Works for: Laser Pointer Insulin Pumps, Heart Rate Monitor, toys ,Watches, Cameras, Calculators, Car Security Alarm, Keyless Car Remotes, Organizers, Computer Equipment (memory backup battery) CMOS, and all other devices that requires this battery size Equivalent to: GPA76, D76A, S76, GPA76, PX76A, A76, EPX 76, EPX-76, G13A, V13GA, 357,357A, D357, V357, GP357, CA18, CA19, LR44, SR44,CX44, SR44W, L1154, LR1154, SR1154, 675A, RPX675, PX675A, RW82, 228, 303, S1145, E1128MP, 1166A, 208-904, 280-62SB-F9, SB-B920 Pack Loopacell Brand LR44 batteries Replaces LR44 AG13 357 And all Equivalents
Super Fresh, Top Quality, Works for toys ,Watches, Cameras, Calculators, Car Security Alarm, Keyless Car Remotes, Organizers, Computer Equipment (memory backup battery) CMOS

Top 10 Stun Guns Under $50 Dollars

  1. Fashion Models
    The Stun Master 3.5 Million Volt Rechargeable Fashion Print Stun Guns are a brand new, ultra thin model with a mean bite. They are about the size of a small electric shaver and fit comfortably in small hands. They also have a flashlight mode. They are available in 8 different prints: Floral, Blue Lighting, Green Lightning, Animal Print, Camo, Woodlands, Pink and Snakeskin Print. Cost: $25.95
  2. 3.5 Million Volt Slimline
    The Slimline stun gun has a built-in nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery and comes with an easy to use integrated charger. Also has a flashlight mode for multi purpose use. Cost: $25.95
  3. Lipstick Stun Gun
    The 950,000 Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun with flashlight is the smallest style on the market. It designed to look like a tube of lipstick. This innovative design and small size makes this model unique and super portable. Whether you’re carrying an oversized purse or an evening clutch, this unit goes wherever you go. Also has a disabling pin. If it is taken away from you, the wrist strap pin will pull out, which prevents it from working. Cost: $28.95
  4. The Runt
    A classic stun device. No bells or whistles, lights or alarms. Just 4.5 million volts of stunning power. Sturdy technology makes this one of the longest lasting stun guns on the market. It is available in pink and black and in a standard battery or rechargeable model. Cost: Standard – $39.95 Rechargeable – $49.95
  5. Covert Flashlight Stun Gun
    Keeping a flashlight handy is always a good idea. Having a rechargeable flashlight is an even better idea. This rechargeable unit comes with a standard wall charger and an adapter for your car so you never have to worry about buying new batteries. Also has 2.5 million volts of zapping power. Cost: $35.00
  6. Stun Master Classic 350K Volt
    Stun Master has been a leading brand in the stun gun industry since 1994 making it a true icon in the world of self-defense. This type of success for so many years in a competitive field is the finest recommendation any product could be given. Like the Runt, this model has no extra features, but excels at producing a reliable voltage that will incapacitate your assailant. Cost: $35.00
  7. Rechargeable Stun Gun Pen
    1.2 million volts. Includes a safety cap and switch to prevent accidental discharge. You must remove the cap, turn the switch to on and press the trigger button. It is about the size of a permanent marker. Although it has no writing capabilities, this model is easily tucked into a shirt or jacket pocket. Cost: $39.95
  8. S.M.A.C.K. 5 Million Volt Key Chain Stun Gun
    For a long time the most popular non-lethal self-defense product on the market has been the key chain pepper spray. What made it so popular is that a person can defend themselves when they are most vulnerable to being attacked – while they are going to their car. This stun device is about the same size as a keychain pepper spray. Includes a built in charger so you never have to worry about getting new batteries. Also has a flashlight mode. It is available in pink and black. Cost: $45.00
  9. Mini Stun Baton
    One of the main concerns about carrying a stun gun is that it can be used against you if your assailant gets ahold of it. The Stun Master 4.5 Million Volt Mini Stun Baton comes with a rechargeable battery, LED Flashlight, Safety Switch and Safety Wrist Strap Pull Pin. Its small size makes it easy to carry in a purse or glove compartment. A nylon quick release holster is also available. Cost: $45.00
  10. Stun Baton
    Because of their power and reach, the stun batons are a favorite among security guards and dog walkers. With 300K volts of power, the baton will also deliver a shock when touched six inches from the tip, to prevent an assailant from taking it away. Rubber handle. 16″ in length. Cost $49.00


Maxell LR44 (A76) Batteries, 10 Count

Price: $4.74 - $2.95

This is a 1.5 volt alkaline button cell battery commonly used in laser pointers watches children books calculators and medical devices. A button cell battery is a small round battery that is 11.6 mm (0.457 inch) in diameter and 5.4mm (0.21 inch) thick. An alkaline battery is a battery that uses manganese dioxide and zinc to create a reaction and it is an economical alternative to silver oxide batteries while still providing high capacity and long usage. This is a primary cell battery and it is non-rechargeable. This alkaline button cell battery provides long power life and excellent continuous power sources to your device. Works effectively in both low and high temperature.An alkaline battery is a battery that uses manganese dioxide and zinc to create a reaction and it is an economical alternative to silver oxide batteries while still providing high capacity and long usage
This is a primary cell battery and it is non-rechargeable
This alkaline button cell battery provides long power life and excellent continuous power sources to your device

iPhone Solar Charger

Today,iPhone have become very fashionable pieces of enjoyment. it is very necessary that your iPhone is always charged always.  So you need to learn everything with regards to the iPhone solar charger.  From how much to where you can purchase it,  to how it operates and so on.

The primary benefit of a solar battery charger is that it may be used to store energy, which can be utilized at a later stage when the solar is just not out or on a wet/cloudy day.It’s essential for you to ensure that the quality of charger you are using for your iPhone is very great, Poor quality iPhone chargers may damage your iPhone. the iPhone solar charger is a good choice for your iPhone.

This solar-powered iPhone charger is handheld and great when you require to charge your iPhone but are not close to a power source. And the solar powered chargers available these days are more than enough for any travelling experience.  These are portable units and helpful in conditions when you are not next to any power supply unit.Energy is stored on the solar panels. The dimensions of the solar panels determines how a lot vitality the battery charger can collect and store.

Honestly,  I highly recommend solar chargers for iPhone to all my friends and family members who own iPhone. These solar iPhone charger not only help you save electricity but also it is environmentally friendly and enhance conservation of energy resources. So there is no heistation for you to get a solar charger for your iPhone. If you will be ready to order a iPhone solar charger, starting shopping!


5 x AG13 G13 GP76A 357A LR44 357 A76 SR44W SR357W Watch Battery 145mAh

Price: $5.49


Model: AG13
Replacements: LR44, CR44, SR44, 357, SR44W, AG13, G13, A76, A-76, PX76, 675, 1166a, LR44H, V13GA, GP76A, L1154, RW82B, EPX76, SR44SW, 303, SR44, S303, S357, SP303, SR44SW
Storage life: 2 years
Battery Package: 10pcs per card
Single Battery dimension: 11.5mm diameter* 4.5mm thickness
weight: around 25g per card
Cut-off Voltage :0.9v

Safety Reminds:

1,Do not pile up battery together, battery should be seperated piece by piece!
2, Away from water !
3, Do not put on cotton or fur material!
AG13 357A LR44 357 A76 Watch Battery Cell 1.5V
Shelf life: 2 years (not printed on battery)
Composition: Alkaline
Applications: bullets , watches , calculators , remote, toys

Electronic Stethoscopes – Advantages and Disadvantages

Electronic stethoscopes carry many advantages and disadvantages that your non-electronic stethoscopes may not feature. For starters the electronic stethoscope is obviously going to have a far more amplifying ability than an acoustic stethoscope. By the mere touch of a button on your digital stethoscope you are ensuring that you are getting closer and closer to a sound that will provide a diagnosis. These amplified sounds are something new in the auscultation arena in which stethoscopes are used, and it should come to no surprise to you when your co-workers are left in awe with such dramatic capabilities your fancy stethoscope displays.

These sounds can even be recorded by most electronic models and some models even come with computer software that enables the capability to view the sound waves. These models that come with software are more expensive and the medical professional should ask herself what will be the purpose of this instrument in the long term. The cardiology and pulmonary departments should take particular interest in electronic stethoscopes. Of course these two departments have utilized non-electronic stethoscopes for decades and have successfully operated, but what the electronic stethoscope can provide is a revolutionized way of ausculatating that perhaps should be practiced exclusively by cardiologist and pulmonologist.

The disadvantages of purchasing these stethoscopes should also be acknowledged. Particularly because they are expensive and you do not want to spend so much money on an instrument that is really not going to make you a better professional. Electronic stethoscopes have a tendency to suffer from interference when other electronic instruments like cell phones are around. Batteries are a huge turn off for those using digital stethoscopes and are always on the run in the work place. Troubleshooting this battery issue of course requires a little discipline. Storing batteries away in a nearby drawer that you know is easily accessible at any time is a must, especially if a patient is waiting. Knowing how to quickly install the batteries is necessary if the electronic stethoscope is going to be used on a daily basis. Another known fact about digital stethoscopes is that they are very expensive. Even the ones made from cheap material can range from $150-$200 and the more expensive models can be double.

But let me not stress you out! The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, however it is important to note that these electronic models are not made for everyone so considering the above mentioned facts is crucial because again, you are going to spend some serious money with these high tech instruments.