How To Buy New Cell Phone Batteries

When it comes time to buy a new cell phone or replace a depleted battery, you may realize just how confusing cell phone batteries can be. It's not as easy as going to the store and picking up a package of AAA batteries and inserting them into the electronic device.

The selection of different battery types is much more complicated in the world of cell phones, as each manufacturer uses a different battery for a particular phone. Different batteries have a different weight, lifetime, talk time, and thickness. Each factor affects the use of your cell phone, so it's important to learn a little about cell batteries in general before you buy.

These are the main choices you will face when shopping for a new cell phone battery:

NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)

Although this battery technology is almost obsolete, it is still out there, along with NiCad batteries, but they are quickly being replaced by Li-Ion batteries.

Some points: these batteries tend to cost less than other types, but they are equivalent to the "memory" effect, which means once in a while you have to completely discharge them and then recharge to reach optimal capacity again.

Over time, standby and talk time between each charge permanently decreases.

Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion)

Lithium-Ion batteries are now the most widely used cell phone batteries on the market. They are also the most advanced and are set to replace NiMH and NiCad batteries completely within a few years.

Key points:

  • Much lighter and slimmer than its predecessors
  • Lasts longer for more convenience
  • No problems with the memory effect experienced with NiMH and NiCad batteries
  • Cost more than other batteries; a typical Li-Ion battery can cost upwards of $ 59, while a standard NiMH battery with the same capacity usually costs about $ 20 less

Li-Polymer (Lithium Polymer)

This type of battery is not used very often, but it is the most advanced of the bunch, which is perfect for high-end phones that require batteries that are even thinner and lighter than Lithium-Ion batteries.

How can I lengthen my standby and talk time?

You can take a few simple steps to lengthen the life of your battery and make it work better overall. Reducing your energy consumption is quite easy to do, and will reserve your battery for a longer period of time.

Some tips:

  • Turn off the sound the keys make when you press them – this should be easy to do if you search the phone's settings
  • Ringtones use less energy, so avoid the vibrate mode whenever possible to save power
  • Reduce the backlight timeout setting so that you spend even less energy when using backlight to see your phone in the dark. Usually the light times out after two or three seconds, but this can be reduced even more
  • Analog systems drain more battery power than digital. If you have both a digital and analog phone, turn your phone off when you move through an analog area if you will not be using the phone. Digital phones in general offer more features for power management, just like on your computer. Analog phones do not provide the same level of energy saving. A typical phone in digital mode may, for example, offer 100 to 200 hours of standby time, whereas in analog mode only 30 to 50 hours are available.

Protecting your cell phone battery

Remember that cell phones have more than just a standby time and a talk time – they also have a certain lifetime, after which they need to be replaced. The manufacturers call this a "charge cycle." For instance, a battery may claim to have "300 charge cycles." This means you may have to replace the battery each year for optimal efficiency.

Take care of your cell phone's battery, especially by avoiding exposing it to extreme heat. Keep your cell away from heat sources such as the dash of your vehicle because this will negatively effect the lifetime of the battery.


Super Uses For a Super Heavy Duty Battery

One thing about super heavy duty batteries is like they are the super heroes of the battery world. In a sense, they are the largest, the most durable and last the longest of them all, and their very powerful appearance would allude to the fact of the massive potential power that sits within its squat frame. Many people turn to these batteries when they need prolonged life in their gadgets – especially when they go out and about and plan to do so for long periods of time.

There are many types of these batteries in and around the market and the most common one is the PP3 battery, also known as the 9 volt battery, one of the larger large and in charge battery versions out there. You would probably recognize it by its rectangular blocky shape and it is widely used for heavy duty equipment like smoke detectors, radio controlled toy cars and airplanes and even large digital clocks.

The battery has both a negative and a positive terminal on one end of the battery, and is designed with a snap fitting that it allows it to easily mate with the power connector, and makes polarization of the unit all that much more easier. Within the battery, there are six alkaline or even carbon cells that have been arranged in a series and their size is normally of the AAAA category, which, on the market, is the smallest cell that you can find within a 9 volt battery. There are also rechargeable version on the market and you can find them in spades in your local hardware stores. The lithium versions actually last up to 5 times longer than the normal 'ultra life' 9 volt batteries out there, so you might want to look at that option for longering power. Then there is the issue of the D battery, which is an electrochemical cell and the largest battery out there for use.

These massive heavy duty batteries are the largest available on the market and they are also pretty expensive, so getting the rechargeable versions make much more sense then getting the primary cells that you can only use once. These dry cells are normally made up of single chamber or an electrode rod used to power the battery. Their typical capacity is about 6 times more powerful than normal AA batteries, so there is the question of size and performance here. This is an example of one of the better super heavy duty batteries out there, and there is also the C version of this battery, which is slightly less powerful but still about 3 times more powerful than the AA counterpart.

You can find these sizes of batteries pretty easily on the market and they can cost a pretty penny especially when you compare them to their normal counterparts. But for large equipment and portable multimedia devices, there is no other battery that can give the staying power other than the D super heavy duty battery.


Battery Rebuilds-Refurbishing

When dealing with rechargeable batteries, it is inevitable that they will always die. Any rechargeable battery is good for about 200-300 charge cycles. Once this number is reached, the battery may halt to hold a charge. While the logical choice for a solution seems to be purchasing a new battery, there are some instances when this is not an option. When this is the case, reviving the old battery may be an alternative worth considering.

There is a difference between battery refurbishing and battery rebuilds, although the terms are often used interchangeably by mistake. Battery refurbishing is often performed by a special machine to which the old batteries are connected. This machine sends small, short electrical pulses through the contacts of the battery. This serves to clean the plates of the battery by knock off any accumulation that may have built up over a long period of use. These machines also have the ability to perform several charge / drain cycles in a short period of time, which may alleviate any memory effect that may be present in the battery.

Battery rebuild are a completely different service. Battery rebuilds are typically performed on batteries that are made up of several smaller batteries called cells. The service is very popular for power tool batteries, older style laptop batteries, and custom battery packs. When a battery is rebuilt, it is dismantled and replaced with new cells while using the same wires, contacts, and other components. The benefit of this is that the rebuilt battery is basically a new battery, with only the external parts being reused. Sometimes, the rebuilt battery is even stronger and longer-lasting than the original, since stronger cells can be inserted. Another benefit of this service is that the new battery is able to be used in the existing chargers and devices for which it was originally intended. Finally, the main benefit of this service is the price, which is often half the price of purchasing a new battery.

While both of these services are capable of improving battery performance, battery refurbishing is sometimes unsuccessful in reviving batteries. You can make a decision on trying one of these methods based on your circumstances. Many local battery dealers possess battery refurbishing capabilities. We offer battery rebuild through a mail-in service. please visit the link below to receive a free quote on price and capability.


How To Extend Your iPod's Battery Life

With the increased battery life of the modern iPod's, there are still some things that you can do to increase the life of your iPod. These simple tips will help increase the battery life of your iPod so that you do not have to go through the hassle of a dead battery.

Pausing vs. standby

Because much of the power consumed by hard-disk iPods (not the Nano or Shuffle) spins the disk, press Pause when you leave the player unattended. Left playing in default mode, the iPod will run until the battery is drained.

However, you might think you have turned it off, when you've actually entered a standby mode. The way Play / Pause is engineered on the click dial, if you press down until the screen goes dark, the iPod may be in a paused standby mode (not Pause), which uses more power. To verify that the unit is in Pause mode, press the middle button. When the screen lights up, look in the upper-left corner for dual bars (Pause), not the triangle (Play). To cut power total, flip the Hold switch on the top.

Charging and the temperature

The iPod's fast-charge setting can bring the battery to 80 percent of full power in an hour, however, charging it fully still can take up to 4 hours.

Even when it is turned off, the iPod still uses the battery and will drain completely in two to four weeks of nonuse, depending on the temperature where the iPod is stored. The warmer the area, the quicker the battery charge will dissipate. Accordingly, it's best not to leave the iPod in a vehicle parked in the sun, where temperatures can climb to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit; even shielding the player in the glove compartment will not keep its battery from discharging quickly.

Backlighting and the equalizer

The backlight feature on iPod's can eat up battery power really quickly. To do without the backlight, choose Settings, Backlight Timer, Off.

The equalizer feature can also use a large amount of power, so if you are not entertaining a large crowd in an orchestra hall, turning off the iPod's sound equalizer will also reserve battery life. It takes processing power to transform a sound track into an high acoustic sound quality that most users will not notice through the average headphones. To disable the equalizer, select Settings, EQ, Off.

Changing tracks

Rewinding or fast-forwarding uses extra energy, but so does changing tracks via the Previous / Next buttons, as the hard drive turns on to find and open the songs. Similarly, using the device's Shuffle or Random modes, which require more hard-disk accesses, will affect your player's battery life.

The iPod sends tracks to its memory cache so it can seamlessly play them while powering down the hard drive. That's great for tracks that are 7MB or smaller (the average length of a single), but podcasts, audiobooks, and other long files need sustained hard-disk access, which can run down your battery. Keep in mind that spoken content can be compressed much more heavily than music, so do not hesitate to use lower bit rates for talk-radio-style podcasts or recompeded audiobooks.


Getting To Know The Minn Kota Talon

A day out fishing is supposedly to be about peace and quiet and no hassles. You catch more fish when it's like this. Especially in still, shallow water, successful fishing demands that there will be a steady tranquility. And the waterfall water anchor you use can go a long way in either preventing or allowing the necessary qualities for a good fishing day to manifest. The Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor is a new addition to the stern of many fishing boats that offers an interesting alternative to the Power Pole shallow water anchor. Let's take a look at a few things that are new and innovative about the Minn Kota Talon.

The fundamental difference between this new anchor and most of the other shallow water anchors on the market, the Power Pole included, is that the Talon's anchor setting system is electrical and mechanical, not hydraulic. This fact allows the operator to induce multiple software features and special modes (more on these later) and to operate the anchor with a wireless remote. The electrical operation can speed things up too, allowing the operator to press a button once and deploy the anchor instead of having to hold the button down the entire time that the anchor is deploying.

The MK T's most impressive feature, and one that is lacking on hydraulic models like the Power Pole anchor, is the autodrive feature. When the anchor is set, the autodrive applications three hits to drive the anchor securely into the river / lake / ocean floor. These successful hits – all completed without time consuming assistance from the operator – assures that the anchor is securely set.

One of the special features on the Talon, related to the autodrive feature, is the rough water mode. When the water gets rough and threatens to dislodge you from your spot, the anchor will apply six extra hits on top of the three already applied via the autodrive. The Power Pole does not offer this feature.

Also unique to this anchor is the wave absorption mode which basically engages a suspension on the anchor that allows the anchor to move with the boat in waves or otherwise rough water. You do not want to keep having to reset your anchor just because the waves are acting up a bit. That's valuable fishing time lost!

Yet another special feature of the anchor is the electronic depth indicator located on the back of the anchor and easily visible from the rear of the boat. Each unit of depth is represented by one LED, and this lets you accurately gauge how deep the anchor is already set and how much deeper it can go. This feature, along with the wave absorption mode, the autodrive, and the rough water mode are all unique to the electronic, battery powered operating system.

The Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor offers several advantages over hydraulic based anchors like the Power Pole. All and all, the many unique modes and features make it easier to catch fish and enjoy the day.


Hire International SIM Card to Reduce Roaming Charges

While you are planning an international trip, you must have a set budget to arrange your flight tickets, hotel, transportation and other expenses. There are many travel agents that offer exclusive travel packages but it is still a costly affair.

In such a scenario, it is difficult to keep a portion of your budget to fulfill your international communication needs. Many people prefer to use their local number during their overseas trip. However, using local number at an international location incurs huge roaming expenses. Therefore, the international SIM cards are becoming popular that reduces your roaming approximately approximately 80%.

If you are traveling to a foreign location, you can hire a telecom solution that ensures uninterrupted connectivity during your trip. Some of the key highlights of taking international SIM service for your trip are:

  1. Take local number of destination country on rent before your departure
  2. Share your number with local people before your travel
  3. Enjoy incoming and outgoing local / international calls
  4. No botheration to recharge your SIM card
  5. Attend all important calls without worrying about balance
  6. Avoid all unwanted calls that you may receive on your local number
  7. Frequent flyers can also reserve the same number for every trip
  8. Make payment after you return from the trip
  9. Track all outgoing calls
  10. Save on Forex by paying on your national currency

To help you arrange a SIM card, there are many telecom service providers that have different telecom solutions to meet your specific travel needs. Depending on the country of your travel, you can also share your requirements with telecom experts so that they can suggest you the right plan. In case your travel plan includes more than one destination, they can even share a solution wherein a single SIM card can be used in multiple locations.

In some of the plans, you can also enjoy free incoming calls, add-on services, low cost international calls etc. Considering the competition scenario, there are also value-add services available that complement your travel solution. For instance, if the telecom company is offering complimentary travel insurance with SIM cards, so you would not have to spend additional amount on such an essential travel requirement. Here, it is important to understand all the plans available before selecting the right plan.

By replacing your international roaming SIM Card, you would be able to stay connected with people back in your home country and also save on calling expenses.


How to Easily Conduct a Reverse Mobile Phone Lookup From Home

Due to the increase in the trend of mobile communication usage today, people will more often than not encounter the problems of making and receiving wrong calls. When you make a wrong call you will most times not make the mistake a second time but receiving wrong calls on the other hand can become a problem if the person keeps calling.

In this case, you may want to run a reverse mobile phone lookup to be able to know who the person is. Other reasons why you may need a reverse mobile phone lookup are: to know the identity of a telemarketer, to know who your spouse or your child is talking to or just to associate a name with a number.

Reverse mobile phone lookup services can be gotten free or be paid for. If you are low on budget you may like to use any of the free services out there on the Internet. The following are ways by which you can get a reverse mobile phone lookup service for free:

• Using any of the search engines online: This approach largely depends on probability. This is because you may find it hard to get the information you are looking for if the mobile number owner has never placed it online for any reason. Another problem is that you can easily get the wrong or outdated information as there is no way of verifying the authenticity of the information.

• Asking for help in forums: To use this method all you need to do is to go to forums like yahoo answers etc. and ask fellow users there to help you locate the owner of a particular number. However the problem with this is that the person helping you might start asking for a few dollars. Latermore you may end up being directed to sites that may not give you what you really want.

After you have gone through these processes and you are not making any head way, your best bet will be to go for any good paid reverse mobile phone lookup. Using a paid service is like acquiring the services of an underground detective. A paid service will provide you with the following information:

• The name of the number's owner
• His or her current address
• Date of birth
• Marital status
• Location of the telephone number
• Owner's criminal records etc.

The fee for signing up with a paid service is usually negligible and also it is very flexible. You can decide to pay per search or pay for a one time subscription fee. The latter will allow you to search as many numbers as you want. These are options you can use in trying to run a reverse mobile phone look up.


LG KS500 Review

The LG KS500 is a good looking slide mobile phone, from LG. The phone, which measures 102.8 x 49.2 x 14.9 mm and weighs 106 grams, has a 2 inch screen benefit of which you will find a few call-related buttons. There is also a navigation pad, that LG has called an Optical Touchpad. This Optical Touchpad makes is very easy and super fast to navigate the interface of the LG KS500. The slide out keypad is a good size and the keys have a slightly raised profile which does in fact make it easier to type faster.

There is a built-in music player, and this will support the popular music formats like MP3, MP4 and AAC. It also has an FM Radio. Internal memory is OK at 100 mega bytes, and of course this can be increased by using a MicroSD card. Music quality is good although not great, but is perfect for the average listener.

The camera of the LG KS500 has 3 mega pixels, which is sufficient for basic pictures. There is also a second camera located on the front of the phone that can be used for 3G calls. The only real advanced camera feature on the LG KS500 is one called Photo Album, which allows you to store all your pictures in one place in a neat and logical format.

Application-wise the LG KS 500 has the standards of a calendar, alarm, to do list and personal organizer, but there are also some really clever advanced features. These include GPS, Go Maps, and A GPS function. Internet connectivity is good making use of 3G HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth.

Overall the LG KS500 is an great mobile phone. One if left however with the feeling that LG could have made it that much better by just including more apps and a better music player.


Samsung E900 – Multimedia With Great Looks

This phone combines great looks with some of the most capable multimedia features. Adorning the front of the phone are the touch sensitive buttons. These buttons light up when you touch them. Otherwise they remain discrete. Now let us come to the multimedia features of the device beginning with the imaging capabilities of Samsung E900.

The phone comes with a two mega pixel camera. This camera is equipped with a CMOS sensor. The images that are taken by this camera are of pretty good quality. Just like other mobile phones from Samsung, the color reproduction is near accurate. This camera comes with a 4 times digital zoom. Samsung has also thrown in a nice integrated flash light which allows you to take images in low light conditions. Since this is a Pict Bridge device, it is possible to print your photos sans any computer and even over Bluetooth.

The camera is also capable of recording videos. You can record videos in mp4 format. Moreover you can use the integrated TV out connection to view videos on TV.

This is a very capable device when it comes to music as well. The phone has 80 MB of on board storage. You can also increase the overall storage space on the phone using a Micro SD card. The music formats supported in this cell phone are mp3, AAC, AAC + (unprotected) and wma. This means that you can put in music purchased from eMusic and even the iTunes Plus store but no protected wma like those from Rhapsody.

All in all this is a very capable multi media device along with great looks. You can use it as a fashion statement which doubles as a mobile music player.


The Special Features Of Nokia N81

Which is the best mobile phone of Nokia? This is often asked by people. And in that case it becomes really difficult for us to answer. Because all most models of Nokia have something to offer and they are wide choice of people around the Globe. Here we can say that almost all models of Nokia designed meets some one's needs. Now if you still insist for a model then I would suggest you to go for Nokia N81. Now this question may be arise in your mind that why I am suggesting you Nokia N81 and why not others? Dear, to make all your doubts clear I would like to give you the trivia of this product, with the help of you can understand products value and worth. This stylish mobile phone is a slide open phone that is offered in dimension 102 x 580 x 17.9 mm that makes you feel like a member of royal family when you communicate over it. The Nokia N81 has many other features too which can woe any customer.

There are quite a few things that lead to upsurge in the sale of this eye catching Nokia N81 mobile phone. Now I am going to give you the bird's eye view description of this adorable mobile phone. Above all, it has been designed for the GSM user that is offered in one size: 2.4 inches only. When it comes to its screen Nokia N81can get ahead of other rivals as equipped with screen 240 x 320 pixel. This widened screen is assembled with 16,00,0000 colors that give reality to your picture or images.

In today's world, when life is surrounded with hectic schedules then surely you need something that can make you feel glee or jolly. Yes, I am talking of inbuilt MP3 player which is equipped with highly modern technology, AAC / e-AAC + / WMA / M in Nokia N81. But to keep your mobile active all the time you need a heavy duty battery that can support your mobile phone for long time span. Nokia N81 is offered with Li-po 1050 mAh (BT-6MT) battery that keeps your mobile phone in working order up to 410 stand by hours and it survives for 4 hours if it is used for gossiping.

Other than these, if you have got composing skills or wish to dabble your hand into composing then Nokia N81 is a smart choice for you since here you get the option of composing songs. And that sitting at house you learn the art of composing. Go on boy with this wonderful small tech savvy device.