The Feature Rich Nokia N-Series Handsets

Since their launch, the N series phones have created quite a uproar in the world with their innovative features and some very amazing design options. The overall connectivity remains supreme in every part of the world. The Nokia handsets are not just unique but there are features that can only be found in the sets of Nokia.

The Nokia handsets are not just meant for communication purposes; there are also other options as well. One can speak about the camera, music, and business applications, available in many models from this brand. The gadgets in the N series, for instance, have been updated with the best of functionalities and are made handy for the use of the different categories of users. In Nokia handsets, one finds the easy way of dealing with things. One can use the integrated imaging options to capture very sharp pictures at the best resolutions possible.

The camera power in Nokia N mobiles can extend from 2 MP to up to 5 MP. The users can use these options to record videos and that too for long durations. The memory of many of these gadgets can support up to 5 hrs of video recording. These mobiles are empowered with the ARM 11 332 MHz processors. Moreover, due to the presence of good WAP browsers, many of the devices can be used for surfing, downloading and opening files at a very high speed.

A majority of the nokia n series mobiles are given a slide open design although there are a few that have a flip open or the normal design. The dimensions attributed to the N-series mobiles make them very compact. The connectivity of these handsets are exalted with options such as GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, Infrared and USB port. These options are very required for transferring of files wirelessly or by making use of wired cables.

The extra card slot would allow the user to add extra memory to many of these devices. Thus it becomes possible to store data that is received via Bluetooth or other connectivity options. The immense memory support of the handsets give a cutting-edge to the users; they are able to store images, videos and ringtones that ideally require a huge memory space. The N-series devices have batteries that give long hours of standby time and talktime and then it is now possible to make long duration calls without any trouble.


Nokia 6233 – Feel the Power of 3G

The Nokia 6233 is a classic mobile phone that has been tailor for both business and entertainment. The sleek and stylish device weighs only 110g. The device offers a wide range of features including a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, a 320 x 240 QVGA color screen, digital music player, and more. Its a 3G phone and provides excellent voice and data solutions on the move.

Packed in a stainless steel mobile casing, the Nokia 6233 with WCDMA / GSM connectivity is the right choice for today's modern and hectic lifestyle. Combining a wide range of features, this elegant and stylish mobile device is all set to impress you in the very first look. Being one of the smallest WCDMA phones, the Nokia 6233 is a powerful mobile device. The device with Series 40 Platform 3rd edition ensures excellent 3G services and applications. Supported with advanced messaging, browsing, music and video features, the Nokia 6233 comes with a vibrant 320 x 240 QVGA display plus an active standby mode that provides an intuitive platform for watching videos and other phone features with ease.

In addition to its advanced mobile phone features, the Nokia 6233 also lets you have fun on the move. With impeccable 3G services including streaming of multimedia audio and video content, you can also download latest news and business updates, games, videos, MP3 and AAC ringtones, etc. The device also supports up to 2GB of expandable memory card and creates more rooms for multimedia files and other data files. The Nokia 6233 also offers good battery backup so that you can easily talk for hours. With its tough looks and powerful 3G features, its the perfect choice for both personal and professional world. Its one of the best mobile phones from Nokia's 3G family. Get it and feel the difference.


The Secret To How Cell-To-Cell Communication Can Transform Your Natural Immune Power

Fellow Health Seekers-

Got another amazing and powerful article for ya here on how to provide your body with the proper nutrients to improve the foundation of your natural immune power – starting with your cells…

That’s Right!

Those little microscopic organisms that dictate the health of us human beings outside broken limbs and muscles, which can lead to problems at the cellular level if not taken care of properly.

But Back to the Cells for just a moment here-

Because proper cell-to-cell communication means that your natural immune power cells are not attacking each other or your body which is good. And means that you won’t be having symptoms such autoimmune disorders – where your immune system is attacking you!

Proper cell communication means that your allergies are in check – no excess sneezing, rashes, scratching of your eyes, or swollen cheeks or throat to name a few.

Also, you’ll be less likely to catch a cold or the flu because your natural immune power cells will be alert and able to fight off infections before you ever even know what happened. Next, all systems in your digestive system will be working smoothly with every cell working in harmony to identify and dispose of waste or harmful cells.

Proper cellular communication means your brain, recall, memory recognition will be working proper. Because believe it or not but your brain controls every organ in your body, including your cells – so, if that muscle is getting the right support and nourishment it needs and deserves. Then, everything else will fall into place.

And when all things fall into place and are working like they should, you’ll notice an improvement in your mood and decreased irritability. Now, isn’t that just awesome?!

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Okay, so now I know everything you’ve read up to this point maybe sounding too Good to be true – But… I got News for ya – in fact, BREAKING NEWS!

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Optimum natural immune power equals proper cell-to-cell communication.

So, how do you get to optimum natural immune power?

Well, there’s a new scientific Breakthrough in the Food Technology world that is just knocking the Ball out the Park when it comes to optimizing your natural immune power now!

See, this particular technology is the centerpiece to this unique natural immune power approach that is addressing the whole person. That’s mind, body, and spirit.

Clinical trials, studies, and yes even personal studies by yours truly show that this scientific Breakthrough will support and nourish your body’s cell-to-cell communication; proper organ and natural immune power function, digestive function and gastrointestinal health; will enhance your recall and memory; and even improve your mood while decreasing your irritability.

So, there you have it – optimum natural immune power can be yours with just the click of a button if you want it…


The DSi Charge Station

The DSi charge stationis a set for charging the battery and also including maximum battery life. It has a smarty program which automatically7 shuts off the unit once it is fully charged. TheDSi charge station and the NDSi are hand held games produced by the house of Nintendo. This has a market share which is comparable to that of the Sony play station. This hand held version has been successfully launched in Japan, Australi, Europe and the US in the year 2009.

The DSi has a current history when it was first conceived in the year 2006. The market saw the introduction of the DS Lite and it's marketing in other locations was delayed due to the great local demand. The launch of the Nintendo DSi charge station took place in Japan in the year 2008. It was released in matte black and matte white colors. Selling for 150 pound sterling in the Uk, the launch of the Nintendo DSi in the US was in 2009. In the UK, the first two days after it's launch saw close to 92,000 units sold and this unit continues to rank among the fourth fastest selling handheld game.

The newer version of the DSi charge station has a similar appearance. The console has a larger screen compared to the DSi charge station. The TFT = -LCD screen measures 3.25inches as compared to 3.00 inches in the earlier model. The new screen has the capacity to display 260,000 colors. The touch screen allows input to be accepted from the stylus.

The front side of the DSi has four buttons with the start, select and power buttons. The back side has the two shoulder buttons and the slot for playing card games. The power cable is well placed running under the hinge. The DSi measures 74.9x 1.37 x 18.9 mm and is narrows from the DS Lite though it is a bit broader. The DSi incorporates a new CPU and the RAM. Getting the battery housing raised and relocating the CPU has meant less unused space. The DSi has the Codec IC which has responded in better sound quality. The front slot for gaming has been done away with in order to improve the portable status of the DSi without letting go of the durability of the unit. The DSi has the two ARM CPU's actually ARM9 and ARM7 and the CPU is clocked at 133 MHz .. It has 16 MB of RAM which is almost four times as the previous version.


Samsung JET S8000 – A Lightening Fast Experience

Samsung is a world wide name known for their superb blend of technology with style. There are a lot many electronic items present in the stores made by this company only. All the items have got there own class and a unique design. The Samsung mobile have one of the best designs and technology as compared to other mobile phone companies. Almost all the Samsung mobile phones have rocked the stores with there superb blend.

Samsung JET S8000 Deals is one of the superb phones gifted by Samsung. This gadget works for both 2G and 3G networks. The design is so sleek and comfortable to carry that every one would like to go for it. It measures 108.8 x 53.5 x 11.9 mm and weighs around 110 grams.

The device has got a 3.1 inches, 480 x 800 pixels AMOLED resistive touchscreen filled with16M colors. The touch screen is full of features like Touch Wiz v2.0 UI, Accelerometer sensor, Proximity sensor and Smart unlock facilities. Samsung JET S8000 comes with 2/8 GB internal memory which can be further expanded up to 16 GB. It also inherits the basic mobile phone features like GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, blue tooth etc.

Apart from all these mind blowing features the Samsung JET S8000 bags an extraordinary 5MP camera of 2592 x 1944 pixels aided with features like auto focus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection and wide dynamic range. In order to provide JET like speed this Samsung JET S8000 operates on a Qualcomm MSM6246, 800Mhz processor. The stylish gadget comes in two colors, the Black and the Mystic Purple.

Samsung JET S8000 Sim Free and Samsung JET S8000 pay as you go are more popular than contract deals. It is for one such reason that in these deals there is nothing like contract. Other reasons might be that Samsung Sim free and Samsung pay as you go are loved by the teenagers more than the office people because of its very fast processing and zero planning.


Outstanding Details About How To Charge Personal Air Coolers

If you are wondering about how to charge air coolers, then here is a simple solution. The air coolers can be charged with batteries that make the coolers work effectively. Make sure that you keep the batteries cooler when you are charging them so that it can be used faster again. The coolers can be best charged with a specific battery that implements patented new air-cooled charging technology in the coolers. This system enables the battery to automatically get cooled down during the charging process.

The natural process of charging ensures that the batteries will get heated up when it has already worked for sometime, thereby preventing immediate and effective recharge of the batteries. This was a disadvantage evident in the batteries used previously to charge the air coolers. So a thorough research was conducted and the modern battery was discovered that helped in the charging of the air coolers in an effective way. You can charge your air coolers with these batteries as they help in quick charging and immediately make re-charging of the air coolers possible.

How does the battery work?

The charging process connected by the batteries is hi-tech and so the coolers get effective charging. The charging occurs through an array of ducts present in the battery and for a fan present in the interiors of the charger that draws in cool air from the nearby spaces through the battery cells and then out of the charger. The charging process by these batteries, so, gets 30% quicker and the batteries also last longer. This significantly saves your time as you can avoid the problems of waiting for your batteries of your air cooler to get charged.

Another outstanding feature of the air cooler chargers is the refresh button function that automatically brings the performance-impairing unbalanced charge levels of the cells back into one line. However, this cell-balancing system should be connected once in every two weeks when it is heavily used and once a month when the coolers are moderately used. These batteries can offer power ranging from 12 V! In conjunction with Li-Power technology to the coolers while it is getting charged. So these batteries are the most effective air cooler chargers for all.

Other Batteries for Charging your Air Cooler

If you use your air cooler on less frequent intervals, then you can take the help of other charging batteries to charge the air coolers. These batteries allow the air cooler to get charged for an extended period of 15 minutes right after a power cut. You can conveniently use these batteries in any of the air cooler models and they promise 30 to 80 hours of constant cooling process. That saves your money and power to a great extent. These are more commonly known as back-up system batteries that not only charge the air coolers conveniently but also make a big difference in your comfort level and budget matters.


The Future of Fuel Cell Buses is Here

Fuel Cell technology works and is being used right now in many large cities running their bus fleets and yet there is still more research that needs to be done. The Fuel Cell Buses are getting more powerful, more reliable and have a much longer range then before.

In studying the efforts of SunLine Bus, a company in Palm Desert, CA we can see how far Fuel Cell Technology has come. SunLine has regular bus service using these Hydrogren Cell Buses and has been running them for a number of years. They work very well and the citizens like the idea of ​​riding around in a bus, which does not pollute.

Proof of concept is completed and it only takes will to see Fuel Cells come to fruition in the Trucking Industry as well. The data shows some spectacular accomplishes in uptime and maintenance making it a viable option.

SunLine Bus is on the leading edge in implementing these technologies and testing them in the real world and they have been working on this project for a decade. With each upgrade and rendition they are improving performance and reliability. Typically a fuel cell bus can go about 80 miles per hour which is much more than they ever really need to go.

SunLine is up-grading battery packs to run Li-ion battery packs to replace the PbA battery packs. They are also upgrading with more pressure from 3,600 to 5,000 psi in the Hydrogen Storage Tanks. Their fuel cells are being replaced with a new innovative design – the 75 kW Ballard Fuel Cell System which also comes with an extended warranty of 12,000 hours of use or 5 years.

Those who ride on Fuel Cell Buses have only positive things to say about them, they are quiet, powerful and no smoke. Everyone likes them and best of all these buses are decreasing America's dependence on Middle Eastern Foreign Oil makes our nation safer, stronger and cleaner.


LG KS500 – Handset With Big Features

LG has launched a new handset KS500 that has a complete package of unassuming and pretty looks and decent features such as 3 Mega Pixel Camera and GPS. The QVGA display of this cell phone looks very much impressive and the 100MB internal memory enhances its overall abilities. This handset has a slider that opens the camera. All those who love clicking picture and video, LG KS500 is an ideal device for them.

Some nice things that this handset can brag about are GPS and A-GPS feature, plus Yahoo Go Maps which are such things that everyone wants to have.

Feature Set of LG KS500

2 Inch TFT color screen with 262 thousand colors and 240x 320 pixels
Music Player with MP3, AAC +, WMA formats
GPS Navigation with A-GPS function
Standby Time of three hundred hours
100MB Memory Plus MicorSD with Memory Card Support up to 8GB
3G Enabled Video Calling
Dimensions 102.8mmx49.2mmx14.9mm
Dual Band UMTS / HSDPA Connectivity

Thus, it can be said that the feature set of LG KS500 is good enough to attract all kinds of customers.

The LG KS500 has a tri-band GSM network that enables quite high speed internet connectivity and also gives the users an access to the ability to perform multi-tasking easily. This handset comes with a Bluetooth feature that allows the users to send and receive data without any interference. The USB port helps the users to establish a connection between their handset and other USB compatible devices.

Now about the entertainment features, LG KS500 comes with a music player that supports WMA, AAC + and MP3 files. The speaker phone gives you a complete hands free experience. The battery backup of this cell phone is supported with about 300 hours of standby time. The storage capacity of this handset gives you more than enough space as the memory can be expanded with an external memory card with a capacity of 8GB.

Some of the additional features of LG KS500 are organizer, calculator, calendar, clock and many other striking features.


Suggestions to Expand Battery Life of Your Mobile

Battery is an unavoidable accessory of a mobile phone. Without which, it is impossible to give life to your mobile. An ideal life span of a mobile phone battery is 1 and ½ years to 3 years. The users can have a maximum of 800 charges and discharge cycles within this period. Everyone wants to get an extended battery life of their mobile phones. But in practice, most of the mobile phone batteries did not give longer life for the mobile. There is no need of any frustration, just follow few things to get extended battery life. Here are some useful things to be kept in memory.

oUtilise your battery completely

Most people never allow their mobile to utilise all the battery power. They used to recharge them before utilising the battery power completely. It is essential to get the most from your mobile battery for preventing it from memory effect. Memory effect is nothing but your battery may forget to recharge fully if you charge it partially. It can be cleared with an example.

Suppose you have charged your battery fully. Then your handset utilises only half of it. Before recharging the second time, your battery will gradually forget about its remaining 50% capacity. This will be remained idle. Then your battery will function with the 50% of the original capacity. A simple suggestion to avoid such a memory effect is always discharge your battery completely before recharging it. This suggestion will not be applicable while you have Lithium-Ion battery.

oNever allow your battery to be inactive

It is unfair to leave your battery as idle for longer. The life span will automatically reduce. If you plan to keep them dormant, you have to clean it well and keep in a safety place.

oAlways prefer manufacturer’s guide

If you want to have longer battery life for your handset, it can be easily done by following the instructions given by the manufacturer. It will be useful for your handset to protect over charging.

oKeep the battery clean

Always use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean your mobile phone battery. You can get an ideal interaction between your handset and battery.

oKeep away from heat

Heat is a first enemy to your battery charger. Therefore it is fair to keep your handset away from direct sun light and other sources of heat. You may not notice that you have kept your handset always on the car dash board which is hot. Like the same way, over cold is also allergic for mobile phone batteries.

oBetter to avoid vibration mode

While you put your battery in vibration mode, your handset has to consume more battery. Therefore to avoid such consumption, it is better to put handset in ringing mode.

Tiny tricks about the cell phone battery

oIf you feel that the running time of your battery gets low, you can confirm that it is the right time to buy a new battery.

oIf required you can recycle NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries.

Tips and Warnings

oAlways charge or recharge your battery completely.

oStart to recharge your battery after you get a low battery warning.

oAlways run the headset under your battery power until your handset shuts down.

oFollow the instructions given by the buyer’s manual for recharging.

oShort-circuit makes damage to your battery therefore be aware of it.

oNever allow your battery to drop down, which may lead for bursting cell contents.


Text The Romance Back

Texting is the new wave of the future and it is all about flirting your way inside the heart and mind of the one you love.

You may use text messaging to send and receive information but did you know that you can use it to turn your relationship around overnight?

With just a few well placed texts, you could re-ignite the passion in your relationship, increase his attraction, make him miss you, and fall in love over again.

When you both met, it felt awesome. The feelings of attraction was very strong and he seemed to be really into you but now it feels as though your relationship has stalled. What went wrong?

There are a lot of myths around why men aren’t romantic and I’m gonna help you understand the real reason why your man isn’t really motivated to be romantic with you and how to get make him a romance addict.

Men are really wired to please women. Your man wants to please you, he wants to make you happy but most women don’t know what to do after the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over. A lot of women just accept that this is how relationships are when two people have been together for some time. But this isn’t true. And all of the ideas you read in magazines about him not being romantic isn’t necessarily true either.

In order to turn your relationship around, you have to get him from feeling distant and frustrated to motivated. This could mean the difference between your relationship fizzling or it being hotter than ever.

Your boyfriend or husband has an inner switch that you may not have known about and if you are able to push this inner switch, you can get him to be romantic at command. One of the ways you trigger this switch is through curiosity. You can send him a text message that will get his attention fast. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be sexting him.

Here are words that will get his attention fast:

1. “Boy oh boy, don’t you have some bad boy under that skin!”

2. “Uh Oh, Here comes trouble:)

3. I’m thinking about what it’s like when you kiss me there…”

Be careful with how you frame your messages though. You have to use emoticons to convey your mood and know what to say next to keep the momentum going. Without knowing the exact words to say, you could end up killing the romance instead of turning up the heat.