GPS Systems – The Pros and Cons

The requirement of a global navigation system was recognized during the Second World War. Hence, the invention of GPS System (Global Positioning System) had taken place in the year, 1973. The USDOD (United States Department of Defense) had great contributions in this invention. However, in 1994, it became fully accessible for the public.

Within few years, other super powers had also started developing their own GPS systems like the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), the European Union Galileo Positioning System, Compass Navigation System of China and Regional Navigational Satellite System of India.

The following points would highlight the advantages of this worldwide navigating system.

  • It regularly gives weather updates especially during your outdoor activities.
  • It plays a major role in surveying the unfavorable features of land. These features range from volcanic eruptions, high falls, trenches, floating icebergs, hot springs to plate movements of Earth. These detailed surveys are very much required for the construction purposes of transport, building, communication and drawing boundaries for property ownership.
  • GPS system fitted in your car can prove to be highly beneficial in times of traffic jams. They provide a proper direction to avoid these jams thus saving a lot of your precious time. It can even save your car from theft. These navigators with the help of satellites give the correct location of your lost car and inform the required authorities about it. Therefore, weather forecast and positioning maps make one feel comfortable during on road journeys.
  • Tracking down the movements of children has become lot easier for their parents with GPS machines. They not only give the information of their tracks but also about the other hideouts. Even the lost pets can come back to their masters with this positioning system.
  • The size can be as small as a button or the dial of a watch. Hence, portability is no more a barrier for your tracking exercise.
  • You can also keep an eye on the truck movements carrying your goods. It adds a safety quotient to your business.
  • It also seems to be quite good in predicting the damages or problems in various structures thus preventing forth-coming disasters.
  • Fleet tracking is a lot easier now days with the GPS systems. It helps to retain the identification details of these vehicles. It saves a lot of time for journey plans during the fleet movements.

Definitely, GPS system comes with a lot of disadvantages. These are:

  • The purchase of a GPS system may make you think again about its advantages.
  • The facilities of this system can be availed only in clear weathers. Tall buildings might lead to its inaccessibility.
  • All the versions of this system might not direct you turn by turn.
  • Updated versions of the GPS maps might not provide all the information about the new roads or the restructured paths.
  • Since it is not plugged to a power source so they wholly depends on the life of batteries.

So being an alert citizen, you should always be aware of its advantages and disadvantages!


Strip of 10 Energizer A76 (LR44) 1.5v Alkaline Batteries

Price: $4.95

For electronics around the house, like keyless entry, electronic books and glucose monitors, Energizer goes beyond the basic battery sizes to bring you the ones you need.World-class capacity and leakage resistance
Used in watches, toys, glucose monitors, and calculators
Cell size: A76
Volt: 1.5
Replacement for: 157, 303, 357, AG13, EPX76, LR44, S76, SG13, SR44

VRLA Battery Basic Information

What is a VRLA battery? It is valve regulated lead acid battery, which uses a dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte which is immobilized so as to eliminate the hazards of spills and leakage and which facilitates an oxygen recombination cycle. The oxygen recombination cycle eliminates the need to add water throughout the battery’s life and improves its safety of operation.

The name “valve regulated” does not wholly describe the technology, these are really “recombinant” batteries, which means that the oxygen evolved at the positive plates will largely recombine with the hydrogen ready to evolve on the negative plates, creating water and so preventing water loss. The valve is a safety feature in case the rate of hydrogen evolution becomes dangerously high. In flooded cells, the gases escape before they have a chance to recombine, so water must be periodically added.

VRLA battery is designed for less maintenance lead acid battery which doesn’t required addition of water to the cells. And it are commonly further classified as absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery and GEL battery (gel cell). While the AGM and gel battery designs share many of the same components, such as containers, pressure relief valves and plates, they have different separator systems and electrolyte immobilization systems which result in significantly different high rate performance, heat dissipation and cycle life characteristics.

The AGM VRLA battery typically contains more electrolytes and is of slightly higher specific gravity than the comparable gelled electrolyte battery. Consequently it will provide slightly more long duration capacity within the same container volume. Also, the AGM VRLA battery has a slightly more efficient oxygen recombination cycle and a low resistance than the gelled electrolyte VRLA battery. As a result it will draw slightly more float current resulting in greater internal heat generation. Note how the float current is affected by temperature, increasing with increasing temperature. To prevent premature failure and possibly catastrophic thermal runaway, it is important to operate the VRLA battery in an environment in which it can dissipate heat at a rate faster than it is internally generated.

A battery is in float service when it is continually connected to the power source and the load so as to provide instant uninterrupted power in the event of failure of the primary power source. The float service life characteristics at 77°F are essentially the same for the AGM and GEL VRLA batteries.

In cycle service the battery is deeply discharged as the primary power source for the application such as with wheelchairs, golf carts and photovoltaic systems. While the AGM and Type A gelled electrolyte batteries will provide good cycle service, the Type B gelled electrolyte battery is designed specifically to provide the longest service life in deep cycle applications.

No on design of VRLA battery is optimum for all the various types of applications. The type of electrolyte and its specific gravity and separator systems as well as the electrolyte immobilization technique utilized greatly determine the battery’s suitability to provide maximum power density, superior high rate performance, extended life at elevated temperatures and extended cycle life.



10 AG13 LR44 L1154 357 A76 BATTERY

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10 AG13 LR44 L1154 357 A76 BATTERY: High Quality & fresh from factory. Provides excellent continuous power sources to your device. For use with toys, calculators, cameras, watches, games and other electronic appliances. High energy density, long life. 100% New. Voltage: 1.5Volts. Very compact and powerful! Commonly used by many wrist watches. Do not recharge or dispose of batteries in fire. Keep away from childrenWill Replace: AG13, A76, 357, LR44, SR44
1 Pack of 10 Batteries

Please, Just Say No to Emojis! These Apps Corrupt the Ford Sync System!

Using emoticons on your smartphone can cause severe problems with the voice-to-text functions of the Ford Sync System. This self-help article reveals ways to correct these problems.

Since late 2012 there were numerous problems with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as well as the Samsung Galaxy, the HTC Evo and other smartphones having connectivity issues with the Ford Sync system. User forums for these smartphones and for the Sync system have been filled with people which connectivity problems that affected the base model, the MyFord and the MyFord Touch Sync systems. The issue was something was seriously affecting the Sync users accessibility of their phone book contacts with Voice commands. If you pushed the “Voice” icon on your steering wheel and said “Phone” and then “Call + (your contact name)” then your Sync system might reply, “Calling Dot on Cell.”

Some of the issues were a result of smartphone users downloading and using any of the Emoji Apps. The word emoji is Japanese for ideograms, you know, those little emoticons such as smiley faces, “frowny” faces, etc.

The new Apple iOS even allows iPhone 5 users to go to their Settings folder, to the General settings, to the Keyboard tab, and then to the next menu to select “Keyboards.” You can then tap “Add New Keyboard” and add an emoji keyboard. However, this is the kiss of death for your Sync system.

The issue is that the cute emoticons seen on your smartphone screen as a smiley face are, in fact, long strings of programming language which cause Sync’s text-to-voice conversion to go haywire. When given a Voice command to call a contact the system will say “Calling Dot on Cell” and then dial the first contact listed in your phone book.

If this has happened, then review EVERY phone contact and remove any emoticon. Also remove any extraneous exclamation points, periods, commas, dashes and so on that you might have in your phone contact list. Be sure to even check the name of your device! Some overzealous users renamed their phones with smiley faces on the device name. Check to see that everything is cleared again. Then go to your Bluetooth settings and remove Sync from your phone.

If you have an iPhone, do a soft reset. This is done by holding your “Home” button, the large button at the lower center of your front screen, while also holding down the Power button at the top edge of the phone on the right side. Hold these buttons down until the Apple icon appears. Then release the buttons. Let the phone go idle for a few minutes. You can further push the power button, then slide the on-screen button to power down the phone. Leave the phone off for a few minutes. Then push the power button and let the phone power back up.

Then go to your vehicle. Go to your phone settings and delete your phone from the list of Bluetooth devices. Then turn your vehicle off. Open the hood and find the car battery. Loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable) for about five minutes. Then replace the cable and tighten the clamp. Close the hood and restart the vehicle. Let a few minutes pass before resetting the radio from AM and resetting the clock. Then go to your phone settings and pair your phone back. See this video for instructions on pairing a phone.

Yes, this is a lot to do. This is why you need to really clean Emoji Apps and emoji keyboards from your phone files. Emoticons are cute but they defeat the whole purpose of having a Bluetooth-enabled hands-free communications system. Maybe it’s time to say bye, bye to smiley faces! So sorry!


Laptop battery cant charge

Laptop battery cant charge

Hi guys, maybe we always face this situation: you own a Inspiron 6400 notebook for your business and work. you have finished work which must be reviewed by your customer or BOSS tomorrow, you accidently left your laptop in sleep mode and the battery discharged completely, then you charge your battery with AC charger, aslo your notebook OS reports that it is charging. After one night, you want to take your laptop to office, but the battery shows it is at 0% state-of-charge.

You try to charge it many times, but not work, that means your laptop battery cant charge. Why your laptop battery cant charge, it is caused by your laptop or your laptop battery or your AC adapter?

First : Try cleaning the contacts metal on the battery. Ensure that your notebook’s power adapter connect the power, another paragraph has been connected with the notebook, and if the problem is not resolved. Would suggest that you remove the battery power adapter only through your computer.

If you can not restart the computer, it should be a problem with power adapter, I suggest you replace the adapter.

Also if your battery is very hot when charging, it maybe cant charge. You’d better take the battery out of laptop. After 1 hours, the battery temperature lower, then installed the battery to the laptop and charging.

There will be a large voltage electricity when charging the battery and plug in/out battery. The interface client often spark. In that time it is very easy to break the battery and mainborad. Generally the laptop battery cant charge after too many plug in/out times. So you should turn off your laptop when plug in/out battery.

The laptop battery also have a automatic battery protection CMOS chip to prevent over-discharge and other wrong operation. Some times the CMOS chip will automatically start the automatic protection and lock the battery to forbid charging. So you must store your battery in a cool dry area for about 3-5 days to unlock the battery. If it is cant work you must send your battery to repair center or change a new laptop battery.

Usually you must calibrate your battery every two months. You will find some useful info about How to calibrate your laotop battery here.

Please notice this : Take care of your battery, dont over charge-discharge your battery too many times. You’d better charge your battery at about 20% state-of-charge and store it at about 40% stat-of-charge.


AG13/LR44 Alkaline Button Cell Battery – 10 pack

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AG13 replaces type LR44, G13, A76, GP76A, 357 & SR44W batteries
High-quality long-life alkaline button-cell batteries at huge savings to name-brands sold in stores

20 HEXBUG-Compatible Batteries – Alkaline Cell – LR44 – AG13

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Fully HEXBUG-compatible; works with all HEXBUG robotic creatures Replaces Original battery, HEXBUG Nano battery, HEXBUG Spider battery, HEXBUG Ant battery, HEXBUG Crab battery & HEXBUG Inchworm battery HEXBUG WarriorsAG13 / LR41 Button Cell Alkaline Battery
Nominal Voltage: 1.55 Volt
Capacity: 148 mAh
Height: 5.4mm, Diameter: 11.6mm

iPhone Repair Service

iPhone repair services have been developed to help you repair your iPhone when it breaks or malfunctions. Not having to pay the cost of a brand new unit is a life saver for some and allows you to keep your existing unit in pristine condition. If you compare the price of repairing your existing unit against the cost of buying a new one, you’ll find that you can save nearly 100 dollars even if the damage to the unit is substantial.

iPhones are very expensive pieces of equipment but even the best electronic technologies can’t stand up to continued abuse. If something should go wrong with your iPhone, you need to understand that you have options available. The many repair shops available on the Internet today can help you to get your unit back to 100% functionality. Repairing your iPhone will save you a great deal of money and help you get your iPhone back to its original condition. Many repair centers even offer a warranty with their work. The repair technicians are usually always friendly, helpful, and available to repair your iPhone no matter when it breaks. You can count on repair shops that have been in business for a long time to know how to fix your item right the first time and give you the advice and information you need to make the best decision.

Look for 30-day or longer warranty when shopping for iPhone repairs, as it may end up saving you the emotional burden of wondering if you have made the right decision. If the same part malfunctions again within the warranty period, you simply ship the item back in to be repaired again without having to worry about the repair costs.

Customer service is usually top of the line with iPhone repair companies and they will explain to you the maintenance that is going to be performed on your iPhone. Any questions you have can generally be answered right over the phone. Your item is shipped using your choice of shipping methods or the shipping carrier of preference for the repair center.

In most cases, if your iPhone has a problem, it can be fixed through a repair shop. Water damage, glass replacement, diagnostic service, housing and chrome bezel replacement, battery replacement, full refurbishment, home button replacement, headphone repair, camera removal and replacement, power button repair, volume button repair, vibrate/toggle switch replacement, ear speaker repair, dock connector repair and more! Most parts can be fixed or replaced on your iPhone.

Don’t take chances with your hard earned dollars. You will end up saving hundreds by keeping the original equipment that works and replacing or repairing what doesn’t. Don’t throw your iPhone away just because it has been damaged or is malfunctioning. Send it in, they’ll fix it right!


Laptop Battery – Life to Your Laptop

Laptops are the necessity of the life these days because of its mobility. Well they are handy, easy to carry with you and all but what if it doesn’t have good battery? That’s true in Laptop Battery plays vital role. What if you want to use your laptop at the place where there is no ac mains power? Then you have only one option is that you must have enough battery life in your laptop.

Generally Laptop battery usually come in two types – nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride. It’s good to know that to charge brand new batteries in cycles of fourteen to sixteen hours. The batteries should be allowed to cool down before recharging them because overcharging them will shorten their life.

Now if we think some technical points then ready access to chargers is important because nickel cadmium may suffer from a ‘memory defect’ and user may suffer with such problems if batteries are not fully discharged before recharging. A nickel cadmium battery should be charged only after it has been completely exhausted, otherwise the battery ‘thinks’ that it only has fifty percent of its original capacity and only uses half of its potential, thus increasing the time constraints of the laptop.

Laptop Batteries can be charged 2 ways, one, when the AC power is on for laptop. At that time a small flow of electricity runs to the battery which is called trickle charge. This will automatically recharge the battery after laptop is disconnected form AC supply. Second one is charging a battery with external charger.

These days Nickel cadmium batteries are most popular as they are long lasting and very efficient, and they perform more efficiently when they are fully discharged and then recharged. If a battery is used in a more piecemeal fashion then, occasionally fully discharging the battery before recharging it will enhance the productivity of the same. Some battery chargers do this automatically, but leaving the laptop during the night and recharging the battery in the morning can also invigorate the battery efficiently.