Instructions On How To Use An Oximeter

Many people already have portable oximeters that they use at any given time of their choosing. In hospitals, they also make use of an oximeter to determine the oxygen saturation of a person. Whether you are using your hospital's oximeter or the one you have in your home, it is important for you to know how to use it. If not used properly, it can produce inaccurate results.

Before turning on the pulse oximeter, you need to determine its power source as you would not want to suddenly lose power in the middle of a reading. Some need to be plugged into a wall like the ones that most hospitals have. Newer and portable versions make use of a rechargeable battery that makes it easier to use anywhere.

After making sure that it has enough power, choose a probe depending on where you're going to place it on a person. The common place is to put in the finger of the person. The location is dependent on where the strongest pulse can be found. In the case when the finger is not the best place, other places like the earlobe and the nose can be placed. Each area of ​​the body has a specific kind of probe, so make sure you get the right one.
Once you've selected a probe, turn on the pulse oximeter before placing it in the body. Although oximeters come in different versions, essentially all of them are designed with a button or a toggle switch. You simply have to press it or flick it. Wait for the device to calibrate by itself.

Now you can place the sensor to the part of the body you've chosen earlier. It is important to place it gently and not forcefully. If you place it too hard, it can cause injury to the skin. The best places in the body are the translucent parts like the earlobe or the fingertip. You only have to wait for a few seconds and the oxygen saturation level will immediately appear on the screen.

Normal readings on a pulse oximeter should show that a person has at least 90% of his oxygen saturated. If it is lower than that percentage, then it means that you may have a sickness or injury. You can check it again because some factors like changes in position, condition, or room lighting can affect the results. If it records a lower percentage again, report the readings immediately to your doctor so he can attend to you.


Build Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car – Is Water 4 Gas a Scam?

Are you looking to modify your own car into a hydrogen fuel cell car to make it run on water? With only a few simple tools that you can acquire from any hardware store, you can build a water powered car yourself. This article will explain how this Water For Gas technology works, and how you can start building your own too.

1. How Will The Modified Car Work?

This hydrogen car system is easily setup within minutes, and does not require you to make any modifications to any system or engine in your car. By using the car's electrical system, which is connected to the car battery, and coiled electrode wires made at home, your car engine will be able to turn water into hydrogen. The hydrogen can then be used as a source of fuel to replace some of the gasoline.

With this hydrogen car system, you can greatly improve the mileage of your car by up to 100%, which results in better car performance and more gas savings. Your car also releases oxygen as a by product instead of CO2 emissions, which is also better for the environment.

2. Making the Hydrogen Fuel System Yourself

Making this system would typically require about $ 100 or less if made at home, along with other simple tools. In the past, it would have been impossible to assemble this system at home, but advances in technology have made this possible today.

3. Advantages of Running Your Car on Hydrogen

It is important to note that it is still impossible to run your car completely on hydrogen. You will still need to use a mixture of gasoline and hydrogen. But with less usage of gasoline and more hydrogen, your engine can run more smoothly, travel longer distances and cause less pollution to the environment.


Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Have A Long And Strong History With Consumers

Electrolux vacuum cleaners have enjoyed a quite reputable history; primarily because of the evident customer loyalty the brand has gained through the years. For instance, one Electrolux owner’s granddaughter has watched her grandmother use the same Electrolux vacuum cleaner since she was a little girl, more than 30 years, and the machine is still just as powerful.

Another consumer used her vacuum cleaner continuously for 20 years and immediately replaced her worn out model with a brand new Electrolux. If all products received this kind of praise, there would have never been a need for today’s consumer reports.

While Electrolux vacuum cleaners have always been well known for their workmanship, their name has gone through many changes. First manufactured in Sweden more than 90 years ago, Electrolux cleaners were soon cleaning floors in homes throughout Europe. Within 10 years, production of vacuum cleaners for the United States and Canada was started by Electrolux, LLC in Dallas, TX.

Recently, AB Electrolux in Sweden decided to cash in on the the popularity of their trademark in North America and offered Texas Electrolux manufacturers $50 million to change their 80 year old name to Aerus.

Aerus has continued to provide Americans and Canadians with durable, hard working Electrolux vacuum cleaners under both names and, while their products haven’t seen many changes, their sales methods have changed drastically.

When Electrolux first began in America, salesman traveled from door to door, demonstrating and selling the vacuum cleaners to middle-income housewives. As time progressed, the Electrolux line was promoted in several department stores.

These attempts were not very successful, but some models are still found in a few major department stores. Most of today’s Electrolux vacuum cleaners are sold through an independently owned franchise store. There are more than 500 Aerus dealers across the United States and Canada, including several islands as well.

Aerus also promotes their Electrolux vacuum cleaners online through their website, but a registered account is needed to purchase the products through the site and there are no visible buttons that allow visitors to click and buy.

The “buy now” link offers an easy way to locate a store nearby for those interested in buying a vacuum cleaner. Consumers can also schedule a product demonstration or request additional information through the website.

The very first American Electrolux vacuum cleaners were innovatively designed with an easy to maneuver tank attachment. This style of vacuum cleaner is commonly known as a canister vacuum. Today, the Lux Classic, once known as the Electrolux UltraLux 2000, is still one of the most popular models available from Aerus.

There are many styles of Electrolux products available today, now branded simply Lux, but this classic canister style has proven to be a reliable workhorse that often lasts as long as 30 years.

Service and Repairs for Classic Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

Electrolux vacuum cleaners are favorites in many American households because of their long life span, but they do occasionally need repair. Any authorized Electrolux dealer can make repairs to your machine, although vacuum cleaners bought online, through eBay, or elsewhere outside of a franchise dealer are not covered by warranty.

It is not recommended for consumers to purchase a vacuum cleaner online because these models are often rebuilt, sometimes used, and, occasionally, these products are stolen.

Electrolux vacuum cleaner parts, however, can be found in abundance through a variety of online dealers. Electrolux bags and filters can be purchased online with ease, even bags for older models including style C bags for the Lux Classic.

User handbooks and product manuals can also be found online and are available for instant download. Some repairs can be performed at home with the assistance of the manual, but an authorized Electrolux store should be responsible for all major service and cleaning to the machine.

AB Electrolux of Sweden, also known as the Electrolux Group, took over the Electrolux brand name in 2004. Before becoming known as Electrolux in North America, this Swedish manufacturer sold vacuum cleaners to American households under the popular brand name, Eureka. Today, AB Electrolux is the leading provider of quality vacuum cleaners all across the globe.

Today’s Electrolux vacuum cleaners are available in a wide array of designs, including classic canister styles, convenient lightweight models, and standard upright cleaners. Electrolux also has a robotic vacuum cleaner in the works, but it is not available for sell yet. This cutting edge vacuum will offer a trouble-free floor cleaning solution that automatically recharges itself at the special charging station whenever the battery runs low.

There are many different options available in each style of modern Electrolux machine as well. Some models offer low noise, some are rechargeable, and others feature handy, retractable cords with extra length for specialized cleaning. Some styles use vacuum cleaner bags, while others are bagless, or cyclonic, and some Electrolux vacuum cleaners are equipped with special HEPA filters to eliminate allergy causing dust particles.

The Electrolux Oxygen Ultra is a canister style vacuum cleaner that features a washable HEPA 13 filter, perfect for households with asthma sufferers. This model cleans away virtually all the dirt and allergens inside your carpet and locks it inside the self-sealing bag, eliminating indoor allergies and respiratory complications due to dust.

The Electrolux Harmony is another popular canister style vacuum cleaner from the world’s leading supplier of residential carpet cleaners. This model boasts a silent motor that is ideal for families with small children, night workers, or others sleeping during the day. The Harmony, model number EL6985, also has a self-parking feature that is great for small storage spaces.

Lightweight vacuum cleaners are perfect for small spills, cleaning the couch cushions, or vacuuming the stairs. The Electrolux Pronto is a rechargeable, bagless vacuum cleaner that works as a convenient hand-vac and crevice tool as well.

This model has received plenty of reviews from consumers with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5. It has been noted, however, that the Pronto doesn’t work its best on carpets and rugs.

One of the most popular Electrolux vacuum cleaner models is the Intensify. This innovative vacuum cleaner operates as an upright model, boasting unsurpassed suction power, and conveniently folds away like a canister vacuum so that it barely requires any storage space.

The outstanding power of the Intensify does come with a price and this model’s compact design doesn’t come without drawbacks either. The Intensify will only hold half as much dirt in the bag and uses more energy than other models.

Other features commonly found on modern Electrolux vacuum cleaners include expandable wands for attachments to save space and make cleaning easier, integrated lamps to illuminate dark corners, and guards and soft wheels to prevent damage to furniture and walls.

Some models have dust sensors to alert you to change the bag and many models provide space-saving options like foldaway designs and flexible handles.


Utilize a Reverse Phone Lookup to Find Cell Phone Owners

Have you ever received a message and the caller ID provides a phone number, but you have no idea who called because they did not leave a message? You do not know if this was someone trying to reach you, if you need to call them back or if it was just a wrong number. You could call the number back, but then you might just find yourself in an awkward situation or it could cost you money if it turns out to be a long distance call. The simple solution is to use a reverse phone lookup.

Another situation in which a reverse phone lookup could be of assistance is if you are looking for a phone number you needed last week from your cell phone. You go through your dialed calls, but you see several that could have the number you need, but you're not sure which is the correct one. You have three options here. You could call the numbers until you find the right one or you could look in the phone book, hoping all the while that it's not an unlisted number or cell phone number. Your third option is to simply do a reverse phone lookup. It's faster, cost effective and much more convenient.

How does this service work? When you receive a call and you need to know who the phone number belongs to you, you can do so quickly using the Internet or a smart phone. When you access the directory, type in the whole phone number including the area code.

In addition, you may even be able to retrieve the name and the address of the person. Even if a person is unlisted, some reverse phone lookups are still able to provide you the information for these phone numbers.

Cell phones can be a bit tricky to retrieve information on, as some services will only show you that the number belongs to a particular cellular phone company. In this case, you will need to determine where the number originated from so that you can locate the company and then find the cell phone owner.

Many lookup companies offer this service free, but the free information may be limited. Other services charge a small fee per number that you look up, while others have membership options. Choosing the right option for you will depend on how often you require this type of service.

No longer do you have to walk away from your caller ID wondering who it was that called you. Nor do you have to dial a list of numbers trying to find the right one. Looking up a number via reverse phone lookup provides you with an quick and easy solution.

When you need to know who is listed for a phone number, you can now find out easily via simple reverse phone lookup program. Just remember that you need all ten digits of the phone number to perform an accurate search.


Important Details About Battery Acid Spill Kits for Industrial Plants

Are You in Compliance with 1910.178 (g) (2) 1910.178 (g) (2)

"Facilities shall be provided for flushing and neutralizing spilled electrolyte, for fire protection, for protecting charging apparatus from damage by trucks, and for adequate ventilation for dispersal of fumes from gassing batteries."

Battery acid spills pose safety and environmental threats. Leakage of the lead and sulfuric acid found in batteries contribute to worker injuries, fire, hydrogen explosions, and groundwater and soil contamination.

Due to the damaging effect acid has on eyes, skin and mucous membranes, acid spills can pose a serious danger to human health. Prolonged exposure can even cause life threatening injury.

Proper spill containment is a requirement for safety and environmental safety. Adhering to the OSHA guidelines is not only environmentally sound but provides protection against business liability. To ignore battery containment procedures and regulations altogether is environmental and business suicide. Being prepared for a hazardous and dangerous battery acid spill is critical.

To protect employers and employees from battery acid spills, spills and acid debris a battery acid spill kit not only makes compliance easier but this precaution measure protects the health of the environment and employees.

The following supplies should be available in your facility to protect employees and the environment from battery acid spills. A Battery Acid Spill Kit should be placed in strategic locations within the facility for quick response to leaking or spilled battery acid (electrolyte). The Battery Acid Spill Kit is also effective for clean up of dry cell batteries.

If there is a battery acid spill in your location, the following precautions and response is required.

  • Trained employee should double-bag the leaking battery in polyethylene plastic bags
  • The spilled battery acid should be cleaned with disposable wipes or Hazmat Pads
  • The substances are considered as hazardous waste and should be placed in an acid debris waste accumulation container.
  • Clean-up debris would also contain lead and would have to be managed as such, not just as an acidic waste.
  • Weather-resistant pen or marker for marking used or damaged batteries with the date they were taken out of service

The Battery Acid Spill Kit Contains:

* quarts of liquid or dry acid Neutralizer

* Hazmat Pads

* gloves

* A poly apron

* Scoop

* Trigger sprayer or shaker

* Goggles

* Disposable bag

As an additional safety precaution, there should be an eyewash station in the immediate area where there is a likelihood that a acid spill might occur.

Facilities should be stocked with specialized spill kits that provide a quick and easy clean up solution for hazardous materials. Plant managers must have the training and materials to deal specifically with battery acid. Battery acid spills must be treated immediately to prevent injury.

Batteries and their component parts are classified as waste. In addition, all lead-acid motor vehicle batteries are classed as hazardous waste and must be treated in accordance with EPA guidelines.


The Advantages Of GPS Marine Navigation

Everything You Need To Know About GPS Marine Navigation

Nautical GPS systems have come along away since they first came onto the market, and you do not need to be an expert of the ocean to be able to use one. Each year the technology in GPS marine navigation systems just keeps getting better and better, giving them many more features and much more power!

But does all this technology make them a more practical navigation tool when in the middle of the ocean faced with sun, salt and spray?

Before you spend your hard earned money on the next best GPS marine navigation system, it is best to get an understanding of what they are, what they do and why you might need one.

What Are GPS Marine Navigation Systems?

GPS stands for global positioning system and a marine GPS is designed specifically for the marine environment. These devices are strongly recommended due to the increased safety they bring to navigators of the open waters. In fact, sailing courses now include the use of GPS systems within their training courses.

The most basic of the GPS marine navigation systems are usually handheld, you can then get chartplotter devices, and computers connected to a GPS

They use satellites to determine the speed and direction of the ship which is then shown on the screen of the instrument. With a chartplotter device it also allows for the ships course to be plotted electronically.

If you are out on the ocean and are experiencing difficulties or are in danger, you can use the GPS to signal the ships position to rescuers so they know where to go. This may not be an available option on older models, but current ones most likely have this feature.

GPS marine navigation systems usually have built in alarms that sound if you were to go off course or if your anchor is dragging. These alarms are not usually very loud and as the ocean can be noisy in rough waters, you may want to find a unit that can be connected to an external alarm on the boat.

So let’s take a look at the different types of devices available to you in more detail.

· Handheld- Although these are the cheapest of the devices they are usually just as accurate. As it is handheld it can be used in other situations such as hiking or in the car! It can get a bit difficult using the often small buttons on the device, especially if you’re are in rough waters, although most of the handheld units come with a mounting bracket. Sometimes the signal can become weak on these devices so it may be a good idea to purchase one that allows an external antenna to be used.

· Chartplotters- Compared to the handhelds the chartplotters are a big improvement. This type of GPS marine navigation displays the information overlaid on nautical charts. This will be the primary navigation tool and whilst not a complete replacement for paper charts, it has a large screen, and the buttons are a lot larger than the handheld devices. The chartplotter needs to be mounted to a fixed surface and they usually all come with external antennas, so placement shouldn’t be an issue. The screen sizes vary from between 5-10 inches and you will have to pay more if you want a colour screen. Most chartplotters are integrated with the GPS receiver, meaning that they are both included in one unit.

· Computer Connected To GPS- A computer can be used with different types of GPS: Sensor, chartplotter or standard GPS receiver. The computers are usually only used below deck as the screens are hard to see in direct sunlight. One advantage of using GPS marine navigation with a computer is that the planning and navigation is all done on one unit. The computer is more powerful than a chartplotter and this means that there are more software choices and also 3D display applications can also be run. There are even computers and laptops especially made for the marine environment!

These are your three main options if you are thinking of purchasing a GPS marine navigation device, but it will come down to your budget and also what features you personally want. Don’t pay over the top for features that you don’t think you will need.


The Law of Attraction – Lesson 2

Frank Lloyd Wright: "The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen." While inwardly, we crave the spiritual, emotional, and physical release that the law of Attraction provides, some of us our squirming in our seats. Psycho – mumbo-jumbo, new age babble – what is causing us to feel uncomfortable is that we are going against the grain of everything we have been taught – from school to church, to work to play. We are all shrouded in man-made rules, and like children, we have come to know our social and belief parameters defined by these rules. Unlike children though, we have forgotten that some of the rules become old, outdated, and no longer certain to our situation. We do not only do not push beyond the rules – we have forgotten how. The Law of Attraction asks you to suspend disbelief – in yourself.

Can you possibly imagine going around without the load of labels that have weighed you down for years – the 'good' son, the 'good' daughter, the reliable, boring, not as bright as, not as good as, not quite the personality to be rich, not, not, not? Jim, the screw up or Jane, the nut-job? Just about everyone of us has locked away or buttoned down part, if not all, of unique human potential to have the right to graze in the pasture with the rest of the cows. We are too constrained by the rules of the herd, to go out by ourselves and taste greener grass. We have sacrificed our individuality for a sense of belonging – a false step – since many of us know we're never quite fit in '. Think of all the money spent on therapy and physical illness caused by fighting ourselves – our true nature – to try to fit in!

Proctor explains in Lesson # 2 that the Universe provides one power – available to all, regardless of location, time zone, status, or belief system. He underscores another law that supports the Law of Attraction. That is The Law of Vibration. He keeps that everything is constantly changing – from the rock sitting on top of hill to you, yourself. What's more – you know it. Hey, remember high school science – matter can neither be created nor destroyed. So what can it do – it can change. Is it so hard to believe that we who lose and re-grow millions of skin cells daily, can not and do not also lose and re-grow brain cells as well? We have an infinite capacity to change our thinking like the dead cells we shed and we attract whatever we think!


What Is That Unknown Number On My Phone Bill?

Most people receive a monthly statement for their telephone line and cell phone which outlines every call with which a fee has been attached. This can include long distance numbers, or local numbers on cell phone bills. You should always carefully check your phone bill over to make sure that you're only charged for calls that you have indeed made. After all, no system is flawless, so you do not want to accidently pay for a call that the phone company has added to your bill by mistake.

Therefore, whenever you come across a number that you do not recognize on your phone bill, you will likely want to discover which phone number it is. That will allow you to identify whether or not it was a number that you did indeed phone at some point during the month.

There are a few different ways that you can go about finding out about a number on your phone bill. The first is ask every member in the household whatever they remember phoning that number. If they do, then the mystery is solved and you can move on to the next number on your bill. However, if they do not, you may choose another route.

Some people choose to call the number and find out which it is. However, in the case of a long-distance number, for example, that will mean that you will need to pay for the call … again. Therefore, that is not always the most appealing way to get the job done.

There is a much more convenient and less cost way to discover which number is on your phone bill. All you need is a reverse phone lookup website and you can plug in the phone number and find out which it is right away. It is just that simple. A reverse phone lookup website typically has only one search box. That is where you enter the full number, including its area code. Once you click the "search" button, a successful search will provide you with the name and address associated with that phone number.

Many people choose to make a reverse phone lookup their first step for identifying all of the unknown numbers on their phone bill, since it saves a great deal of time and energy.


The LG Viewty And Its Characteristics

The LG Viewty is a compact device that is built in a way that it allows the users to carry the phone at long distances and yet avail facilities of networks such as 2G and 3G. This handset has GSM and so remains connected even if it is taken to far off places. The mobile weighs 112 gms and has dimensions of 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8 mm.

The handset is equipped with a TFT touchscreen that makes functionality very simple. The display screen supports 256 K colors and this makes the screen very vibrant; it displays pictures with a very high resolution. This screen can also be used to watch videos or read texts using the document viewer of the mobile. The 5 MP camera is a remarkable means of staging the varied events of one's life in the form of still pictures and video recordings. There is also another VGA camera that is most used for the purpose of making video calls. So, now the users can see the other person to what he is talking to – a feat made possible thanks to the intrinsic high-end capabilities.

Entertainment can be achieved with options such as the music player and FM radio. The music player can play songs on formats such as MP3, MPEG4, WMV, AAC and DivX. This allows the user to listen to songs on any of these formats. The FM radio is a real thriller due to the presence of several channels that bring entertainment, music and news to all the users. The mobile has a document viewer that can be used to open files in formats such as DOC, XLS and PDF. It makes possible to send or receive mails with attachments that may contain files on formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

The memory of the LG viewty is kept large enough with a card slot that can extend up to 2 GB. This is good for the user, who can now store innumerable files and ringtones in the handset. Connectivity is further enhanced due to the presence of options such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth and USB port. The Li-Ion battery gives a standby time of 430 hr and a talktime of 4 hrs. Connectivity is further enhanced due to the presence of options such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth and USB port. The Li-Ion battery gives a standby time of 430 hr and a talktime of 4 hrs.


Samsung E950 SIM Free is New Upgrade to Samsung E900 – SGH E950

For those that follow the mobile phones industry the Samsung E900 was a real breakthrough in technology, it was the first ever Samsung phone to feature touch sensitive controls so rather than actually having to press the menu keys you simply touched the surface with your finger to select options.

It was not without its critics though, as some users complained that the phone selected different functions to what they had touched and that maybe the settings were a little too touch sensitive, however the majority of consumers were facilitated with this new mobile technology and another manufacturer soon followed suit, LG launched its chocolate label range of phones that also featured the technology.

There were far more complaints about the LG handsets than the E900 and soon the latter became known as the better of the devices.

The Samsung E900 was also one of the first of the manufacturers phones to have its corners 'squared off', at the time of its release the majority of Samsung offerings including the D600 were far more rounded in design and the E900 set itself apart from the rest with its clean lines and smooth slide mechanism.

Following on from the success of that first handset the company has now released a direct upgrade, the Samsung E950, it features a very similar design and also the trademark touch sensitive buttons but with some serious enhancements and a couple of little extras.

Firstly the camera has now been upgraded from a 1.3 megapixel to a 3.1 megapixel lens allowing for high quality snaps and video clips to be captured before being stored on the phones expandable memory. The internal memory has not changed from the 80MB of the original but with the explosion of memory cards in all sorts of devices the expandable memory allows files to be transferred to all sorts of medium like laptops, MP4 players and other mobile phones.

using the latest micro technology, Samsung have also managed to shave off some of the handsets overall dimensions taking the depth of the phone from 16.5 to just 15mm, however the overall design has changed very little, the main, square control pad is still present under the main display but there is the small inclusion of a dedicated Yahoo key taking the user directly to the Yahoo homepage.

The original E900 was launched in five different colors which included Gold, Black, Pink, Orange and Silver, there is no news from the manufacturer as yet as to whether they intend to follow the same route with the E950 but if this model receives the same popularity as the previous then it would make perfect sense to follow suit.

The E950 has been launched in the UK as a SIM Free handset, this is to say that consumers can purchase the phone without a monthly contract contract in and use their existing SIM card with their current mobile number and service agreement by simply inserting it into the new handset.

Overall, the new Samsung E950 is a big improvement on what was a very good phone, the extra technology and features plus the smaller dimensions will no doubt bolster the popularity of this sleek, sliding device.